Attachment – The basis of imagination, where the journey begins.

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

Why a Muslim disobeys Allah, Al-Akbar?
Why a Muslim, after knowing the instructions of Allah, chooses to disobey Allah Ta’ala?
Many reasons.
Can you find any examples of disobedience in you?
Please write it down.
Then, I want you to think and tell us why do you do that?
Don’t you have the motivation to overcome your laziness?
Following the desire?
Don’t you have the strength to control your desire?

Why a Muslim doesn’t get impacted by the warning of the Fire?
You believe in the fire yet you don’t care about it, why?
Is it because you don’t see it in front of your eyes?
Is it because it doesn’t cause you pain right now?
Is it because you don’t see it coming straight away!

But that’s clearly not a human thing.
That’s about an animal.
It’s an animal thing.
Animals only get impacted by what is present to them at the present moment.
A few of the animals might look at the cloud and they know what is coming, so they go after a shelter.
They can go only by their senses.
They have to see it, hear it, listen to it in order for something to impact on them.

But a human has to go beyond his senses to take something seriously.
It is called understanding of the future.
It’s a Human thing to think about the future.
It’s a human thing to take a measure of the future.
And how can you do it?
Only by imagination.
Only by thinking of the events of the future.
Only by imagining as close as possible about future events which is going to happen.
It is imagining the future.

So, how can you imagine the future?
In order for you to imagine something you have to think about it, right?
Then what makes you think?
If you are not on it, how can you think?
If you don’t put your mind on it, how can you think about it?
And how can you put your mind on it, unless you’re attached with it?
And then if you’re mind is not attached with it, how can your mind think about it?

That’s what it is, attachment.
Human is the product of attachment.
It is the attachment that works at the base of the human capability of imagination.
And how do you put yourself in attachment with something?
You have to put yourself in it, about it, around it.
Force yourself on it.
Force yourself to be with the people who are on it.
Force yourself with the issues which will eventually benefit you In Shaa Allah.

And what’s your issue being a Muslim?
It is about Jannah!
It is about Jahannam!
And how can you save yourself from Jahannam?
What about being a Mukhlaseen?
Mukhlaseen is the one who is saved from the attack of shaitan. 
Mukhalseen is the one who is saved from Jahannam. (Al Quran 15:39-41)
And Mukhlaseen is he who keeps his heart vacant for Allah, Ar-Rabb.
If you are to seek your way to Jannah, you have to become a Mukhlaseen.

That’s the reason of reciting the Quran every single day! 
Your Creator knows you.
He knows what are you are, what it is about you.
And He, Al-Hadee, has prescribed you of reading the Quran every single day. (Al-Quranul Kareem 17:78)
So that you find attachment with your cause, Al-Jannah and Jahannam.
So that you can fill your heart with the remembrance of your Creator, Allah, Ar-Raheem!

And then, for many, they read the Quran, yet that doesn’t impact them, why?
That’s the next level issue that needs to be addressed when you step in the first level.
And what’s the first level?
The first level is to attach yourself with the Quran.
The first level is to take the Quran, read it, understand it, Contemplate on it.


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