Atheism, the WORST belief among all the belief system; ‘Life, it’s a random choice’

Atheism, a religion based on such a belief which makes its believers the worst among all the religious beliefs that existed on earth.
What is that worst kind of belief?
“Life is a random choice”

First of all, this understanding of life is not a rational rather an emotional understanding.
Logically, rationally and scientifically you cannot come up with such conclusion about life.
And any understanding which is not supported by rationality and reasoning is merely an emotional belief.

Then why do I say it is the worst belief?
Because the believers in fake religions declares it open that their beliefs in ‘God’ is based on just belief.
At least they are honest in saying what they believe about the basis of their beliefs.
But in the case of the atheists, they think their religion is based on science, reason and logic but their masterminds, after going through all the scientific explanations of sciences of the nature, finally when it comes to the question of “How did the life come into existence in the first place?”,
they somehow manage to make these people believe that “life just happened, it’s just a random choice”.
And only the sheep-minded ones think this belief has a scientific origin.
So, they think they are rational but they carry the worst belief of all in their minds.

How do I say that? Again It’s very simple. Look at the organization of the universe.
Galaxies, Stars billions of those are In order.
Sun, moon and earth’s correlations in millions of things and ways.
Echo system on earth, which consists of billions of plants and animals.

DNA, RNA, Cell and their organizations

If you really think you are a logical person and still you tell me that these billions of things happened randomly then let me present you one data about random choice.
Take 10 marvels and number them 1 to 10 and put them in a bag. Now shuffle them and then try picking those balls one by one in their serial numbers from 1 to 10. Do you know what is the chance to pick them in order? you have to try it for 26 million times to pick them in that order just only for once. That’s a statistical science.

And you are saying billions of things happened in billion, trillions and zillions times randomly? It is nothing but the worst form of belief in the area of all types of beliefs exist.
And it is even worse than the belief of those people who blindly believe in their religions and their sects because they just happen to born in a particular religion and in a particular sect.
And you the worst believer among them.

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