At LEAST know shaitan – the enemy you forgot about

Bismillah. Al Hamdulillah!

Did you ever face an enemy in your life? Do you even have an enemy, a personal enemy? I guess most of you don’t, right? Life is good! I hope it is to be. But at least you have some understanding about an enemy, and you know what it is to have an enemy, I guess!

So, let’s imagine for a minute about a serious enemy, an enemy who wants to put you in trouble all the time. He annoys you, harms you, makes your life miserable and finally he exhorts all his effort to see you burning alive! That’s the goal of his life! Can you imagine such an enemy around you, someone in the neighbourhood or someone at the school or at work?

Now let me tell you how you got this enemy. It’s your father’s enemy. You didn’t make it. It’s inherited. He was the enemy to your father, so he took you as his enemy without you being noticed or asked for it. Without you being caused any harm to somebody ever, you found somebody, out of nothing, in the middle of nowhere, acts with you as an enemy. Surprising, disgusting and repulsive, isn’t it?

So, now you know whatever good you are or whatever good you behave with each and every person around you, you can’t avoid this shit of enemy from your life. It’s shitty, really! He comes and entangles with you every single thing you do. Just imagine again, you are practicing netball alone or you are throwing a ball to the wall, it comes back to you, you are on yourself but you found, out of nowhere, this enemy is there. You through a ball, he pushes his hand and threw it away! How disgusting it is? You stop playing and choose to go to another wall but here he comes again. You kick the ball towards the wall and he just touches the ball with his hand and sends it to another direction. You would get mad, won’t you! But you showed utmost patience. So, you stopped playing at all.

You are angry and agitated, so you wanted to call a friend and talk to him to defuse your agitation and you started talking to him. But your enemy comes back again suddenly, he started mocking you, repeating your words whatever you are saying, he is mocking you, speaking exactly the same way you are speaking, gesturing the same way you are gesturing. What would you do now? You might try to forget his presence, might try closing your eyes but his words are coming to your ear. What do you do now? You will try to run away from him, right? Desperately, isn’t it? So, you get breathless running away from him but you couldn’t lose him, he was right there, laughing at you, watching your desperateness.

What do you do now? Get crazy? And that’s just your enemy disturbing you, doesn’t leave you alone in the matter of no profit and no loss things (it’s just a play). But what about he is there in your study table, in your school, in your class? And then what about he does the same while you are at work, while you are at the job or in the business? Now this gets ugly because your enemy is causing you loss in every aspect he can, he makes losing your concentration; he makes you do mistakes in your work and so on. What would you do now?

I assure you, you will leave all other activities and make all the plans and goals and purpose of your life to just get rid of this enemy, I won’t surprise if you come up even with a plan to kill him. Won’t you?

But I didn’t finish telling you the POWER of this enemy yet. So far your life was haphazard by an enemy who you can see, who you can deal with because you can see him, you can notice him, you can notice how he attempts, which way he comes, how he works.

But then what if the enemy is invisible? Can you imagine him in all those activities? His physical presence was enough to make your life hell. But now, he has got such power that he has the ability to come to you invisible? It would be a nightmare, isn’t it? You might now go back and check, how in the first place your father got this enemy? You might put all the blame on your dead father.

And up to this stage, your life will never be the same again like any other classmates or workmates or any other people in the society. They don’t have to face this enemy. Imagine a person, whose life goes dealing with court, police, and jail. Do you find his life is normal like any other person in society? Not at all.

But I didn’t finish yet. Your invisible enemy has a superpower to access your thoughts. He knows what are you are thinking. And he can manipulate your thoughts! I know, I can see, your mouth gets wide open, you don’t feel your body now and you are feeling like a dead man! But there you are! Look, you are still breathing! So, let me tell you more!

He knows what your heart desires and he has the superpower to manipulate with it. Meaning, if a desire is bad for you, he can make you feel burning for that desire. So you get aggressive and crazy and forget your senses to fulfill your desire.

He knows what you are feeling and he has the superpower to manipulate your feelings. So when you feel anger, he can make you burst into your anger and make the world upside down. So that you can do crazy stuff without having any control whatsoever.

How do feel now! What are you going to say now? What’s your plan now?

Let’s summarize your situation again! You got an enemy who is psychologically powerful over your mind, your thoughts, your desires, and your emotions. And he is invisible.

What do you think; you might reconsider having such a life. Because you have no power, no strength to deal with such enemy, you might want to give up and let him do whatever he wants to do with your life. It’s out of your capability to deal with such an enemy. In fact, how can you ever fight with such an enemy who knows your thought! It’s impossible! The best thing is to give up and rest your life in his hand for whatever is his plan for you, even if he wants to put you in burning alive, you have no choice!

In lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun!!
This is shaitan.

That’s what Allah describes the power of shaitan.
And He warned human being giving all the details of this CLEAR enemy.
And He warned the consequences of how human being even chooses shaitan as his companion.
And He warned how shaitan overpowers even his messengers.
And He warned even how His messengers were not free from this enemy and manipulate with his messages to His messengers (Al-Quran 22:52)

And if all these warnings were not enough then Allah, the Most Merciful informed you of final consequences, He Himself will appoint an extra shaitan on you when you remain out of Allah’s remembrance. This is an ultimate disaster.

And Allah Himself informed you how He is dealing with shaitan using the blazing stars to ward off him (Al-Quran 67:5) but SubhanAllah, Al Hamdulillah, for you, your Rabb gave simple remedies to get rid of such powerful enemy but you seem so much concern about any enemy with silly powers on you but you live in total oblivion about this powerful enemy over you..

You tell me now, who on the earth has a least of sense exist in him would not be cautious and make all his effort to make his life away from shaitan?

Then let me ask you,
Would you take shaitan as your BROTHER?
Would you let this shaitan DRINK with you?
Would you INVITE shaitan to EAT with you?
Would you INVITE shaitan to LIVE in your HOUSE?
Would you let shaitan USE your EAR as his TOILET?
Would you let this filthy shaitan to ENTER your MOUTH and laugh at you?
Would you let this shaitan WRAP you?
Would you let shaitan to be PARTNER with you to your SPOUSE?
Would you let shaitan to be PARTNER with you in your CHILD?

But what do you know about shaitan?
Most importantly how the knowledge of shaitan impacts you?
Have you been ever aware of the shaitan’s acts on you?
Have you ever been conscious about his presence?
Have you been seriously taking him as your real enemy?
Have you been remained cautious practicing the remedies against shaitan in your home seriously?
Have you really taken all the measures, weapons that Allah Subhanahu provided for you to fight and protect yourself and your family from this enemy?

No, you didn’t.
One of the predecessors, who studied deen under a prominent scholar for 8 years, he was then asked what did you learn during this time?
One of his replies was “What I learned that people do not take shaitan as their enemy”

Hasn’t He, Ar-Rahman has informed you, warned you “shaitan is your clear enemy”? But you seem to believe in Allah and believe in the Quran but this warning has no impact on you.

And misguidance has crippled you so much that you live on wishful thinking “Allah is forgiving” and remain unaware of Allah’s warning.
And ignorance has crippled you so much that you live in the pile of shirk and kufr which kuffar have managed to inject into your blood while you remain totally unaware of it.

And misguidance has crippled you so much that you live on continuous sins having a license from Allah, The Most Forgiving, that “If you don’t do sin I will bring a new people” (Saheeh Muslim 2749)

Hey! Didn’t you know that Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala said to the shaitan that He (Allah) will forgive Sons of Adam again and again and again when shaitan threatens to make them astray?

Didn’t Allah answer three prayers of shaitan while He answered four prayers of Adam to repel shaitan?

Then how come shaitan was successful in always making the MOST of the sons of Adam to Jahannam?

Don’t you open your eyes and see how shaitan has confirmed Jahannam for most of the sons of Adam?

Who did Allah make as the enemy of the SONS of Adam? (Quran 2:36)

What were the promises/threats of shaitan to Allah Subhanahu? (Quran 7:16-17)
He will cause them to enter into Jahannam.

Didn’t Allah Subhanahu send messengers to all nations? (Quran 16:36)

Then who made most of them to be kuffar? (Quran 7:175)

Who made to reject people of their respective messengers?

Then after Allah sent the last messenger who made most Sons of Adam to reject him, salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam?

Then after believe, who made those believers of all these religions be in SHIRK?

Then how do you think you’re left by shaitan because you have believed? Didn’t Allah mention in Quran “Most of the people believe in Allah but with shirk”? (Al-Quran 12:106)

Then did you make sure you are not engaging in any shirk with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala?
Do you check how many wraps shaitan wrapped you with? What do you know? How do you know?

May Allah save me and you from accursed shaitan.
May Allah give me and you beneficial knowledge of deen.

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