As Salah is your Ebadah so are the moments of your EMOTIONS!

As Salah is a Ebadah of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala so is the time of using your tongue.
As Zakat is a worship of Allah, Ar-Razzak, so is the time your earning, entering into a transaction.
As Swam is the time you worship of Allah, Ar-Rabb so as the moments of your emotions.
As Hajj is the time you take a journey to worship your Rabb so as the time you take a Hijrah (journey) from a sin to correct yourself.

So, how do you connect with Allah Subhanahu in your Salah?
Your minimum attitude should be,
“My Rabb, I stand to praise you, I am here to remember you”,
“My Rabb, I bow to feel your Might in my heart”,
“My Rabb, I prostrate to lower myself to your Greatness.”

If Salah is the time of connection with Allah so is the time of earning your Rizk.
If you lost connection with Allah by not praying Salah so you lost your connection by earning or mixing a bit of Haram with your Halal earnings as Allah does not respond to your dua.

What’s the difference in Salat and Halal earning, when you don’t pray Salat, you go to Jahannam, as it is same for Haram earning?
So what’s wrong with you? Don’t you think?
(Allahummakfini behalalika a’an haramika, wa a’gnini min fadhlika amman siwak),
(Yeah Rabb, make Halal income sufficient for me …..)
So, when you are about to complete a transaction, remind yourself this, “Hey, it’s time NOW to worship Allah, connect with Allah, remembering Allah”.

If Salah is to increase your connection with Allah Ta’ala so is being JUST as it is a mean to increase your Eemaan (belief) in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.
If Salat is to remembrance of Allah Subhanahu so is the event that you have to be just.
(Allahumma Ja’alnee minal Muqsiteen, Yeah Rabb make me just)
So, when an event is about to unfold that you have to show justice from OWNSELF, then remind yourself at that very moment, “Yeah Rabb, I am worshipping you, I am remembeing you.

Don’t you know, the worship of your tongue is given more importance then your volunteer worship (Tahajjud, Siam, Sadaqa)?
Don’t you know your volunteer worship bring no goodness when your tongue causes harm to your neighbour?
So what’s wrong with you? Why don’t you think?
(Allahumma Ja’alfi Lisani noorun, Yeah Rabb, give my tongue lights)
Therefore, when an event unfolds before you that you have to open your tongue about another person, that’s the time when you imagine yourself standing on Salah and remind yourself, saying, “My Rabb, I am worshiping you, I am remembering you”, “Yeah Allah, save me from slandering or backbiting a Muslim brother.”

You don’t only remember Allah when you stand for Salah, your emotional times are the times that you remember Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala.
When your lust creeps in your heart, that’s the time you remember Allah more than what you are able to do while you stand in Salah.
When your anger burns you that the time you remember Allah as fast as lightning.
When your jealousy takes its steps to disorder you, that’s the time you step on remembrance of Allah.
When your Envy springs up that’s the time you remember Allah quickly.
When your hatred dislodge you from being just that’s the time you worship Allah by being just.
When your laziness patted your head, that’s the time you remember Allah and shake off your laziness like splash water after your ghusl.
Your emotions rush in, that’s the time for you to remember Allah, that’s your time for Ebadah.
Your emotions kick in, that’s the time you make up your mind as if you standing for Salah.

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