Answering ARROGANTS – How to PUT DOWN any indecent Question on Islam?

Did you see some people, out of their ignorance and arrogance often pose a kind of comments or questions such as,

“A woman in Hijab is a symbol of oppression” or
“You don’t have to humiliate yourself by a Hijab”?

Well, here is a remedy for you: A PhD comparison:

Is it possible that a PhD in Astronomy asking a PhD in Literature things like “What are you doing that PhD for? It doesn’t make sense, I see there’s no benefit in that for human being!”

People will think this person is crazy, super arrogant. He is just humiliating another person out of proudness and arrogance. You don’t have to take a poll to get the opinion of the masses that this person is rude, indecent and out of the norm in any social standard.
But only out of enmity it is understandable, people will take it easy when enmity is manifested. Enemies can insult or demean each other in many ways, that’s a universal norm of the society too.

So now, when next time you see someone asking a question about Hijab or beard or an Islamic system saying it doesn’t make sense to them then you know and conclude any or few of the following things:

This person is a clear enemy of Islam but he pretends by faking a decent voice. (that’s one of the ways of shaitan. Though ironically there are ‘Muslims in Kuffar’s Mindset’ who do not take him as the enemy nor he thinks this as enmity towards Islam). But at least there is no doubt that such people are a clear indecent, rude and arrogant and lowly.

Therefore you can reply to him citing the above example and then, of course, inform him of his shamelessness in the following words:

A woman with Hijab has a PhD in decency, modesty, dignity and honour being human and furthermore she is the one with highest in morality, gratitude and obedience to her creator.

And you have a PhD in indecency, nudity, in the worst form of immorality, ungratefulness and disobedience, therefore, causing corruption on earth. Neither you’re grateful to your creator nor you’re obedient.

And you are questioning about the one who has a humility towards her creator while you are a clear insolent. What a falsehood and filth in all over your mind!

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