An ALIEN take over and your blissful life – nothing but merely an accumulation of FALSEHOOD

An ALIEN take over and your blissful life – nothing but merely an accumulation of falsehood

Imagine aliens come on the horizon of the earth and they think,

“What is this insect-like thing calling themselves ‘human being’ occupying this earth for? Just wipe them out, we need the minerals of the earth.”

“How come the most valuable minerals are here and these are occupied by a bunch of insect-like species! Just burn them!”

“But they seem to have something called dignity in them! Interesting! There is something else too, the humanity! You’re kidding! Anyways, it will be a perfect pleasure in playing them dead!”

What do you think, if they want to inhabit the earth and make a new ‘better’ world with their superior technology, in the process they just have to ‘cleanse’ the ‘ethnic’ people, right? Tell me, how would you take it? Would you accept it? Or would you not say this is terrorism, crime, oppression and this new world is established on falsehood?

Then, if you know the history, that’s what Australia and America is, my friend, standing on blood, crime, injustice and falsehood. And those words I put in the mouth of aliens were actually the words of the so-called ‘human being’ generals who came from a superior land named ‘Britain’. Therefore, when the official statements are read out by the presidents and premiers of Britain, America and Australia, “This nation is built on justice”, you know that this is the utmost official falsehood and lies.

And for those of you who are satisfied and find justification of those crimes by saying things like, “they are just individual human beings like Adolf Hitler”, or “we admit our past mistakes and we teach our children our history in schools” and moreover, Australia said “sorry”, and even displayed “sorry” in the sky too, you know that these are further falsehood to cement the stain of blood.

No, my friend, in the first place, yes it could be the outcome of a single criminal mind but they merely wanted you to believe this falsehood of their’s so that you won’t go further deep down to the administrative crimes of state heads who approved those crimes against humanity. Proof? Simple, I wonder though, if you have that simple mind to understand the falsehood, that state regards those generals as their national heroes. Whereas, if they would have truly admitted those actions as a crime, those generals who committed the crimes would have been treated as criminals and they would have been tried in court instead of being regarded as heroes of the nation. Instead, in their utmost falsehood, they put a covering on your brainless mind by saying ‘sorry’ and you thought that justified the crime.

But did you ever think why you felt the crime was justified and then the matter went into total oblivion in your mind? It’s because of the outcome of the falsehood that resulted from that crime. And that outcome is the direct and evident bliss that it offers you and you enjoy that bliss while being one of the citizens of these countries.

So, do you believe there is a ‘God’ who is just? Do you believe He will judge this matter one day? What do you think? How will you justify your position and association with this crime? Would you say, “I didn’t do it!” Then, won’t ‘God’ ask you, “Did you know about it?”, “Did you not know the bliss you enjoyed out of that crime?”, “Did your fathers own this land lawfully?” “Wasn’t the bliss you enjoyed a result of the unlawful ownership of the land?”, “Then did you reject it?” or “did you at least hate it?” What do you think would be your answer to your ‘God’?

And then the European colonization of Africa, Asia and the Middle East and stealing of the wealth from those colonies and the source of the bliss that they offer you, it is just filled with blood.

But you know what? It is even worse than the imaginary alien invasion. If in case, such an alien thing could happen, those aliens would be of higher intelligence. Let’s imagine their superiority. They are able to fly like birds but their speed is like aeroplanes. And their ability is that they can read the minds of others, and they have such a sophisticated technology that can diffuse the nuclear attack towards them. So, what’s your power against such an intelligent creature? Nothing. Therefore, if they think human technology and their abilities are as what we think insects are to us, it is also logical that they could think of us like insects. Make sense?

But then in the case of British and European occupiers of America, Australia and colonization of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, it is the same species of humans treating other humans like an insect! Simply put, they are the CANCER of this world. It is their heinous crimes that have put the world into the state you see today!

So, they relentlessly work on turning the attention of stupid people towards other issues. And on the other hand, the entire system is in place to inactivate your brain and dehumanizing you by throwing you into an endless ocean of entertainment, alcohol and adultery. That’s how your ability to use your brain goes to the level of insect and then the obvious result is a state like an animal who cannot reason or use their mind to reason critically. Thus, you take whatever they show to you as truth and you never use your brain to uncover the truth from the falsehood.

And this is summarized by the notable documentary filmmaker Michael Moore when he says, “Always remember — those in power are in a continual game of keeping us distracted with scary “terrorists” so that we never focus on the REAL TERRORISTS who wear suits and wave the flag.”

But if you think you have consciousness, then do your part. Voice against them, at least hate these criminals from your heart, so that it might be an argument you can place to your ‘God’ when you will be asked, “What did you do with the crime you knew”?

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