Amazing NAMES and attributes of Allah – Al Aleem, The All-Knowledgeable!

Al-Aleem.The all knowledgeable, the all knowing.
What’s amazing here?

Think about your knowledge.
* You ACQUIRE knowledge and only then you become knowledgeable.

Allah, Al-Aleem didn’t become knowledgeable after acquiring knowledge. He didn’t have to acquire it, He was always knowledgeable! SubhanAllah! Can you imagine that? Is it even possible for you to imagine that?


* Prior to acquire knowledge we were IGNORANT.

Allah Subhanahu was never ignorant before He acquired (?) it! In fact, He never had to acquire it! It’s simply not possible to comprehend this.


* And then you acquire knowledge but you FORGET, your knowledge fades away.

Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’la doesn’t have this human limitations. You can’t even think that Allah could forget His knowledge.


* You acquire knowledge but most of the times you don’t USE it. You even acquire unnecessary knowledge.

Can you think Allah has knowledge which is unnecessary? SubhanAllah!


* Your knowledge bring no benefit to you when you get old, you are not CAPABLE of using your knowledge. They say you use only 5% of the info you store. This is our limitations, limitations being human.

But Allah’s knowledge is in its perfect place.
Is it possible that Allah Ajja Wa Zalla has a knowledge but He is not capable of using it!

This is Al-Aleem, the All-Knowledgeable, your Creator!
And this is just about one thing about His knowledge.
It is not possible to comprehend in my minds.
Put your mind to the meaning of it, your mind will blow out.
You can’t fathom it, you can’t realise it.
This is totally out of human comprehension.

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