112:1 ‘Hua Allahu Ahad’ – Allah, He is ONE, only Himself and for ever Himself and He created you to PRAISE Him

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

How can you possibly understand Him from a human perspective?
How can you possibly comprehend Him with human limitations?
He is just ONE (112:1), only Himself, over His throne (32:4), always been Himself, ever be Himself (112:2). How can you ever understand His nature or type?

You human, as you are, can you ever be a person alone yourself?
What gives you pride in being human?
What makes you feel accomplished?
You become the best at what you do.
You become the best among others around you.
But then merely achieving something won’t give you the satisfaction,
until you earn respect in the eyes of other fellow human beings.
It is the recognition of others that gives you joy and makes you feel proud of yourself.
It is the admiration in other’s eyes that makes you feel fulfilled.
If there’s none to recognize your greatness, if there’s none to admire your achievement, there’s no pride in you.

And what is the thing which makes you the proudest of all?
It’s your ability to acquire wealth, isn’t it?
Can you ever imagine yourself alone on an island only by yourself with no human being around?
You have wealth, you have the luxury on the island.
An island packed with luxury resorts, entertainment, the fun that you can wish for.
You have every enjoyment available that nature could offer.
You have every delicious food available that makes you satisfied.
But there’s just only one thing missing, you have no human fellow around you.

Tell me, would all these possessions are enough for your heart to feel the glory!
Would all these luxuries make you feel any pride?
That’s beyond human nature.
You need your fellow to recognize your status!
Do you not then understand your creator who is Only Himself?
And that’s His Grandeur. SubhanAllah!

Then, let’s imagine another scenario.
You human, even you are a king and even you have thousands of slaves obeying you and thousands of people serving you, would that satisfy you?
The respect you are looking for should come from one of the same levels, praising by thousands of slaves won’t satisfy your pride because they don’t understand your greatness.
The praise that would satisfy you should come from someone of your level, that’s what satisfies you.
You need a companion of your level who can understand you, who can recognize your greatness, who you can display your accomplishment and earn respect from.

And then your thrust doesn’t just stop there.
You long for the recognition from the ones higher than your status.
Your triumph comes only when you receive the admiration from those higher than you.
That’s you, human!

Then imagine your Rabb, who created you. Allahu Akbar!
Imagine, the creator of the universe, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.
Who is there of His level to understand or recognize His greatness?
Who is there above Him, Subhanahu Wa Ta’la, the Most High to admire Him?

But a slave’s, tinnier than tinniest you can imagine, praise makes Him happy.
A slave’s turn to Him makes Him happy.
He extends His hand in the morning waiting for His slave to turn to Him.
He extends His hand in the evening waiting for His slave to turn to Him. (Saheeh Muslim 2759)
SubhanAllah, how great He is, even after that He remembers a salve in His NAFS when the slave remembers Him in his Nafs. (Saheeh Bukhari 7405)

This is your Rabb. How can you ever understand Him?
How can you ever be able to comprehend Him?
How can you ever be able to fathom what His nature is?
SubhanAllah! It’s mind-blowing!!

And then what praise is enough for His Greatness?
What praise you can do that suits His Magnificence?
How much of His praise you can engage in yourself that deserves by His Majesty?
And then what are you doing?

And Allah knows best!
May Allah Ta Baraka Wa Ta’ala make us among those who contemplate on the greatness of Allah, Al-A’ala!

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