82:6 Ah Human! Anything and Everything keeps you away from the Remembrance of your Creator!

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

The Ayah: Al-Quran 82:6 


“O Mankind, what has deceived you concerning your RABB, the Generous”

Anything and everything is there to keep people away from thinking about their creator or remember their creator.
They go the same cycle of life for 30, 40, 50, 60 years yet they do not ponder about thinking what is life about or what’s the purpose of their life.
Even sometimes a day out of an ordinary, like a dark stormy day makes ‘a day looks like a night’ comes to their life cannot make them ponder.

Anything and everything keeps one away from Allah who believes in Allah and believes in the Quran.
One gets sick, is most depressed, no time for Allah.
The one who is so sick, the sickness makes him numb, life is a decayed fallen leaf for him
One is in debt, depressed. No time.
One has no job, depressed. No time.
One is in a broken family, depressed. No time.
One doesn’t have a home he works more to buy a home. No time.
One has an exam, no time.
One doesn’t have a girl/boyfriend, no time.
One has a good job, works for promotion, so, no time.
One has a good job but socialization does not give him time, he is busy sharing fun, jokes, ideas, talking politics and discussing whatnot.
One has settled in life, entertainment, sport is the next demand, because without entertainment life is boring. So, no time.
One has enough money, plans for how to spend holidays, no time!

One who believes there is something but
One has a question about ‘God’ which is a kind of PhD level question about ‘God’ but yet he does not bother to take the book and read for once that his people believe came from ‘God’ let alone reading other books of ‘God’
One has left his religion because it does not make sense to him, so he left and do not bother about his creator anymore.
One has left his religion and wondering knowing only what the lairs poured into his head about Islam, the Quran and Muslim, so he never bothers to check the reality.

What more example I can put forward?
And even everyone’s problem is the most important problem to him.
So you won’t find any time year after year because you are in problems.

And that’s the plan of the shaitan, devil, he works to make sure son of Adam goes to hellfire.
He promised to Allah that “You will not find the son of Adam grateful”.
he keeps everybody thinking that there are reasons not to think about their Creator.
May Allah guide you, O Ungrateful people!

O Human being, you better realise your dignity and do not let your enemy, shaitan takes over you.
Breath is what you are left with!
Your time is until you have breath!
Take control of your destiny now!
Your honor lies unto yourself!

And your RABB says,

“We have warned you of a near punishment on the Day when a man will observe what his hands have put forth” 

(Al-Quran 78:40)

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