8:20-22 NOT OBEYING (acting) after HEARING (having knowledge) make you WORST of the living creatures

The Ayat: 8:20-22


O you who have believed, obey Allah and His Messenger and do not turn from him while you hear [his order]”.


“And do not be like those who say, “We have heard,” while they do not hear.”


Indeed, the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are the deaf and dumb who do not use reason.”

A Critical Reasoning:


“O you who have believed, obey Allah and His Messenger and do not turn from him while you hear [his order].”

What does this mean?
1. Allah ORDERS you to OBEY Allah and Rasulullah
2. PROHIBITS you to DISOBEY after you HEAR/know His order


“And do not be like those who say, “We have heard,” while they do not hear.”

What does Allah Subhanahu say here?
Who are ‘THEM’?
those who ACKNOWLEDGING His command (by saying, “we have heard”)
But Allah said “they don’t hear”
What does it mean? They say “we heard”, Allah said, “they don’t”, what does this mean?

It means HEARING is OBEYING, ACTING on it. Literally, they heard it but as for the IMPLICATION of hearing, it is OBEYING which they are not doing.
If you hear and say “I heard it” but you don’t ACT on it, if you know an order and say “I know it” but you don’t OBEY/ACT it, to Allah that means you didn’t HEAR it. Is it clear from this 2 Ayat?

Do you understand the impact of this on your life? This Ayat should give you the CERTAIN knowledge and education for life. You now know the CERTAIN knowledge, what it means to HEAR.


“Indeed, the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are the deaf and dumb who do not use reason.”

And then this is the DECISIVE status with Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala about those people, they are WORST than even the tiniest insects that Allah created.
Why is that? Why they are said DEAF and DUMB? Can you do a critical reasoning of that?


Let me put an easy example to understand it. You say something to a voice recorder, voice recorder heard it so it records exactly what you said. But does it have any capability to act on what you said? Even you say, “Hey, I am going to smash you now”. Does it have the capability to realise the impact of it and then act on it?

What is the impact of realisation here?
It means it should realise, “I will be destroyed, and I won’t exist anymore.”
It should make it sad, upset.
And then after the impact, it would act, “what can I do?”, ” How can I protect myself?”, “Can I request him not to destroy me?” Or “Shall I hide or run away?” Or “Shall I harm him before he destroys me?” and so on.
But the voice recorder has no ability to do any of these. It doesn’t realise the impact and can’t have the ability to act.


Can a deaf and dumb person be able to do it? He doesn’t hear it in the first place, so how can he reason it?
Deaf are those who don’t have the hearing capability, so you say something to them but they can’t hear, they don’t know what you say, therefore, they can’t act on it.


Are we human being like this?
NO way! If a person with a gun tells another person “Hey, I will kill you now” and he means it. What the other person will do?
1. He heard it.
2. He would try to understand “Is it real?”, “Is this person will really do what he said?”, “Is his gun real?”, “Why would he kill me?” and so on.
3. IMPACT: Then it will make him scared, make him terrified
4. ACTION: He will implore him not to kill him, he will argue with him, he will try to give him money to spare him, he will try to run away, he will try to attack him and so on.

See, that’s what human is.
Human hears something, he processes the info to realise it and then it impacts on him and then he acts on it. That’s how Allah made human being for. Allah gave the senses to a human being to hear and then they have those other senses that understand and realize the meaning of what they heard, therefore they must use all the senses. But how come an order of Allah don’t have an impact on those human being?


But Allah said they are the WORST of the creatures which mean worst than insects. Why? Because an insect is a living creature. How come a human being could be said below the level of an insect?

Important Note:
Allah didn’t say it is as ‘insect’, he said ‘creature’ and it could be any types of creatures in between bacteria (or anything tinniest than that which have some impact in our minds as tinniest of the creature) to Whale (largest creature we know) but I took it as ‘insect’ (those which has similar organs), why? Here is my explanation:
• Because, psychologically insect impacts on our human mind. Many of us are insectophobic, many scare some insects to death, many feel disgusted about some insects.

Now the COMPARISON, those human were said “worst than all the living things:”
It’s very simple to understand. But we need to get some questions clearing from our mind to understand the simple thing.

Clearing the Arguments:

Every single type of creatures has its own status, own uniqueness. A creature can only be compared to its OWN TYPE, which is logical. But can we compare between a bird and an ant then grade a bird is better than an ant or vice versa? Or can we compare between a fish and a bird and grade a bird is better than a fish or vice versa? No, we can’t. Because they are not the same type.

How come a creature (human) is then made degraded comparing to another type of creatures?
Allah gave us this comparison because He already said that human is the best of the creations (so He already compared it) and he also knows that we also take other animals and insects as lowly. That’s why he put this comparison. And Allah knows best.

But why is the comparison between two different types in the first place?
Allah knows best but let me logically put this to you; take all those creatures who have these organs and see if you can find any single one among them who do not use those organs and senses. You won’t find any. They act according to the capability and functions of those organs. But in a remote possibility, in case you find some animals or insects do not really use those senses then you might notice that it is a common nature among all of those animals or insects, you won’t find that few do not use the senses.
And what’s the capability of those organs of a human being?
They are the best! In fact, these are the organs that make human being DISTINCT from all other creatures and these are the organs, their functions and capabilities that make a human being the best. And Allah knows best.

The LIVING CREATURE who do not have SENSES:

And then come even deeper. Are their living creature who do not have those senses? SubhanAllah! Yes! Then what’s the point for a human being having those organs when you don’t use them, you are like those creatures who do not have those senses at all.
Therefore, is there any difference between those living creatures who do not have those organs and those human being who have those organs but do not use it? No! They are the same in that context.

Why then Human is ‘WORST’ instead of ‘similar’?
Allah should have said,
“Indeed, they are LIKE (similar to) those living creatures who do not have senses because they are deaf and dumb, who do not use reason.”
But Allah didn’t say that. He said “they are worst”

SubhanAllah! And that’s totally psychological. So, Allah Ajja Wa Jalla mention it to have a psychological impact on us saying as if “these are the organs that make you best among all the creations, therefore, if you don’t use these then you become worst than those who do not even have those organs” and that’s how it makes sense. And Allah knows best.
Therefore, get your mindset right. Try to change yourself when you heard an order from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa sallam. Don’t let it go undone, unacted!
When you are WARNED/Reminded but you Say “I know but CAN’T help it” means, you still DISOBEY Allah and Rasulullah’s order and that’s what makes you the WORST than INSECTS

And Allah knows best.
May Allah guide us. Ameen.

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