7:3 FOLLOW what Allah has revealed, NOT any AUWLIAA – আল্লাহ যা নাযিল করেছে তাই অনুসরন কর, কোন আউলিয়াকে নয়!

7:3 The Ayah: 


“Follow, [O mankind], what has been revealed to you from your RABB and do not follow other than Him any allies. Little do you remember.”

বায়ান ফাউন্ডেশন
3 তোমাদের প্রতি তোমাদের রবের পক্ষ থেকে যা নাযিল করা হয়েছে, তা অনুসরণ কর এবং তাকে ছাড়া অন্য অভিভাবকের অনুসরণ করো না। তোমরা সামান্যই উপদেশ গ্রহণ কর।

ডঃ মুজিবুর রহমান
তোমার রবের পক্ষ থেকে যা তোমার প্রতি নাযিল করা হয়েছে তুমি তা অনুসরণ কর এবং আল্লাহকে বাদ দিয়ে অন্যদেরকে অভিভাবক অথবা সাহায্যকারী হিসাবে গ্রহণ করনা। তোমরা খুব অল্পই উপদেশ গ্রহণ করে থাকো।

মুহিউদ্দীন খান
তোমরা অনুসরণ কর, যা তোমাদের প্রতি পালকের পক্ষ থেকে অবতীর্ণ হয়েছে এবং আল্লাহকে বাদ দিয়ে অন্য সাথীদের অনুসরণ করো না।

Let’s do a critical reasoning:

Ar-RABB is He who gives you LAW:

1. Obey what is revealed from your RABB.
2. Do not follow Auwliya besides Him.

What is revealed from Allah?

The guidlelines.
Guidelines of Ebadah,
Guidelines of laws of all aspects of life.

So, this is again
(1) an instruction to follow Allah’s law and
(2) a prohibition not to follow any other law, right?.

Clearly! It’s so simple to understand.

Then what has Allah mentioned Himself as?


Does it mean that the one who gives you law is a RABB?

That’s what it implies.

Since the ONE who gives you Law identifies Himself as RABB then does it mean when you obey Law other than Allah you take them as RABB?

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.
Yes, that’s what it comes up to!

But there’s another aspect:

You take him/them as Auwliya whose Law you obey: 

What’s the meaning of Auwliya?

Friend, companion, protector, guardian etc.

And who is the only Auwliya of a Mu’min?

Only Allah.

How do you say that?

Sura Baqara 2:257

But do you understand this Ayah also confirms Allah being the ONLY Auwliya?

Can you please explain?

What the Ayah prohibits you not to do?

Not to follow any Auwliya.

Following in what or for what?

Opposite or against what Allah has revealed.

Allah revealed Law and He asked you to follow that law.
On the other hand He prohibits you not to follow ‘something/someone,’ in terms of what?
The law! The same thing which He reveals you!
And what is that something/someone is termed here?

As ‘Auwliya’!

Therefore, What Allah asked you not to follow?

Any ‘Auwliya’ besides Him


Because Allah being the ONLY Auwliya, only Law giver.

Then do we get any other meaning of Auwliya here?

What is that?

What does this term ‘Auwliya’ deals with?

Law! The law giver!

Therefore, Auwliya means ‘the Law Giver’!

Can you become an Auwliya of Allah when you take any other as your Auhtority?

And then can you draw any other meanig of Auwliya?

What more?

Who usually we call the one who deals with the law?

The authority!

Then can you do derive the meaning of the Auwliya as an authority?

I think so! logically!

How do you become the Auwliyah of Allah?

When you follow what Allah revealed.

So here Allah Subhanahu declares himself as an Auwliah in terms of his laws. Which means, Allah is Auwliya being the legislator. The one who gives the law is the Auwliah. And since the giver of law makes Him Auwliya, then we can say, that Auwliya also means an authority who gives law.

If you follow any other law you make them as your Auwliya, you make them as your authority thus you make them as your Rabb.
O Muslims, May Allah save you and me from these Shirk.

Now, let’s turn to a totally different situation which prevails among many ‘Muslim’ societies.

What is the real meaning of AUWLIAA in Arabic that understood by Arabian people?
Someone close to Allah, a pious person who maintains a strong connection with Allah, who is a very sincere worshiper of Allah.

Do you know this Arabic word AUWLIAA is very common to the people of Bangladesh in the same pronunciation and meaning?

Do you know what they mean and understood by AUWLIAA?
Same! A most pious person, who they consider most close to Allah, having a strong connection with Allah

But do you know they also understood and implement something more about this word?
They take these AUWLIAA as a MEDIA between themselves and Allah.
There they have the SHRINE of these AWLIAA (those who are dead) where they go with the intention of getting BLESSINGS.

In these shrines, they give gifts, money in the expectation of receiving a blessings
and they go there intending special needs like removing their difficulties in their lives such as getting a Job, easing a court case, having a child, saving a marriage etc.

And many gave their BAYAH to these living AWLIAA to ensure they are safe from Jahannam and going to Jannah

They obey and listen to these AUWLIAA for anything. Their lives, their Islam dictates by these living AUWLIAA

These are the things and implications associated with the word AUWLIAA in the version of Islam they do.

Do you have any idea how many people in Bangladesh follow/obey their AUWLIAA?
How can I make you understand how many but only one expression is enough though, It’s a country of AUWLIAA!
They proudly say, in the government or those who use it for their purpose saying “It’s a country of the SHRINES of AUWLIAA”
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.

Now, What’s the reason for translating Quran in Bangla?
So that the people who speak in Bangla can understand it and benefit from it.

Now, what do you see here? How can those people who engage in theses SHIRK of following AWULIAA will ever understand what Allah said here in this Ayah?
Why not?

Do you know how they translated this word in Bangla?
Someone translated it as, which could be the mean ‘companion’, ‘guardian’, ‘friend’ etc.

When the people already know the word in Arabic with its same pronunciation and meaning in Bangla, when the people already implementing it in engaging in the heinous crime of shirk, how come you translate the word in other words which have no impact in the minds of those?

And you might think would those people care what is in the translation? They are mostly illiterate people!

But ho ho ho! No no no! These are not only done by ordinary illiterate people but people of all level of literacy, status, positions! You will be astonished knowing that even people like Military Generals, Presidents go to these AUWLIAA to seek blessings from them for their affairs.

This is the situation and this is the Quran they believe in and this is the Ayah in the Quran that was the PERFECT opportunity to WARN them with from this SHIRK.

But you might question, what were they thinking? What’s the translation for? What’s the intention they translated the Quran for?
Allah knows best. Allah, the most Knower knows what was in their heart!

But we decide how we are going to use these translations, what benefit we can derive from these work! I seek refuge from Allah to use any humiliating words for these Ulema!

But what I can do is, WARN people who think that they know the Quran al Kareem because they read a translation. But these types of poor translations show that it is not enough for you to read a translation and thinking that you now know the Quran while you are indulging in SHIRK and heading towards Jahannam!
And Allah knows best.
May Allah save us from Jahannam!

May Allah guide us, may Allah guide those and may Allah give our Ulema foresight and knowledge who claim to be Ulema.

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