64:14 O Muslim, did you ever wonder how on the earth your own CHILDREN become your ENEMY?


O you who have believed, indeed, among your wives and your children are enemies to you, so beware of them. But if you pardon and overlook and forgive – then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.


হে মুমিনগণ, তোমাদের কোন কোন স্ত্রী ও সন্তান-সন্ততি তোমাদের দুশমন। অতএব তাদের ব্যাপারে সতর্ক থাক। যদি মার্জনা কর, উপেক্ষা কর, এবং ক্ষমা কর, তবে আল্লাহ ক্ষমাশীল, করুনাময়।

My Comments:

That’s when you do not guide your children in the way of Allah, following the instructions of Allah, Al-Hadi and His Rasul, Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.

You love your children more than Allah loves them, don’t you? (Naujubillah)
Therefore, out of love, you let them sleep and you don’t bring them to the Masjid at Fajr when your Rasul commanded you to order them for Salat.

You have more knowledge (Naujubillah) about your children than Allah, Al Khaliq, who created them.
Therefore, you think they will pray when they will be adult while your Rasul commanded you to order them for Salat at the age of 7.

And the consequence?
They will become your enemy on the day of Qiyamah!
They will complain to Allah, Al Maalik, the owner of the Day of Judgement about you that because of your lack of guidance they went astray!

  1. So, take heed, O my Muslim brother!
    Tie your 4/5-year-old son on your back to the Masjid 5 times a day!

And at the age of 6, you must make your son wake up for Fajr and take him to Masajid with you. Teach your son, this is what he was created for. And of course, to be able to do that you must stop the practice that Kuffar has forced on you and what is that practice? Watching TV and sleeping late.
So, when they will become 7 years old and will develop their own choice strongly, you don’t have to force them.
And by the age 10, they will become habituated going to the Masajid and praying 5 times in the Masajid, In Shaa Allah! And Subhanallah, how easy you could  make their way to Jannah easy!

On the other hand, when you think “they are still kids” and let them indulge in the filth of entertainment set by the Kuffar, then at the age of 10, they won’t listen to you and won’t go to the Masajid leaving their entertainment.
And at 13 they will be out of Islam. (Naujubillah)

Isn’t that you see now around most of the Muslim families?

Don’t you see, Masajids are empty of 10 year old children as if Muslims who come at Fajr do not have 10 year old sons?

What do you think caused this situation of the Muslim youth?
Don’t you think?

And Allah knows best.
I ask Allah to guide Muslims.

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