6:121 Critical Reasoning: Know the OHEE (revelation) of shaitan, Know the Awlia of shaitan and Know the Mushrikeen

The Ayah 6:121


“And do not eat of that upon which the name of Allah has not been mentioned, for indeed, it is grave disobedience. And indeed shaitan inspire their allies [among men] to dispute with you. And if you were to obey them, indeed, you would be associators [of others with Him].”


যেসব জন্তুর উপর আল্লাহর নাম উচ্চারিত হয় না, সেগুলো থেকে ভক্ষণ করো না; এ ভক্ষণ করা গোনাহ। নিশ্চয় শয়তানরা তাদের বন্ধুদেরকে প্রত্যাদেশ করে-যেন তারা তোমাদের সাথে তর্ক করে। যদি তোমরা তাদের আনুগত্য কর, তোমরাও মুশরেক হয়ে যাবে।

My Critical Reasoning:

“And indeed shaitan inspire their allies”

Let’s look at the Ohee of shaitan here:

Allah said if an animal is not slaughtered by His name saying ‘Bismillah’ that is Haram. But some people might argue “Hey, The animal was dead. And who killed it? Allah! Allah already killed the animal for us, so it’s ok”

This is how today’s Ulema make Halal what Allah said Haram and Riba is one such thing and that’s what Allah said is Ohee (revelation) from shaitan.

But the point to notice here is that the issue in the Ayah is about sins. And if obeying an Ulema in sinful things makes a Muslim to be Mushrik then what about those Ulema who are calling for Shirk of voting and you are obeying them?

Inn Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun. Think of it. It is doule Shirk. You are putting yourself in double layer of Shirk. (1) Engaging in an act of Shirk itself (2) Obeying these Ulema who are calling you to the act of Shirk. Think, what’s their status and your status with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala!

But leave the Shirk part for now. Let’s discuss only one issue of sin, the RIBA which your Ulema made Halal for you and it become a normal thing to every single Muslim on the Earth (with few exceptions may be) for at least last two generations. And Allah knows best.

You have heard about the 72 types of Riba. Let’s see how your Ulema is making this Halal for you while are you obeying them.

let’s try to find out what are these 72 types of Riba’s shed?

Know the ‘Islamic’ Banking and Finance that Ulema make Halal for Muslims today who seek their Fatwa. And then know that Riba has 72 types of sheds (Saheeh al-Jaami’, no. 3537) and the lowest being equivalent to 30 times Zina with one’s mother (Aujubillah)

So, let’s find out what are these 72 types of Riba’s shed? Do we know that? Is there any Hadith that indicates these sheds? I did not come across. But alternatively, I can see what are the involvement of these “Islamic Banking’s’ with Riba?

Case Study 1: “MCCA Islamic finance” in Australia.

Everything they do at the customer end, you will find they do 100% Islamic, no doubt about that except for one thing. The source of money. You ask them where you get the money from? They will tell you that they have an arrangement with an Australian commercial bank which set a special fund or department for Islamic Banking.

Then ask them, is it not the diving into the ocean of Riba?

And know their logic, such as,

“We have to establish our presence, as Muslims, in the Australian economy”,

“We have to let them know that Muslim is an economic force that they cannot ignore so that we can force them to consider and enact Islamic Economic Law in their constitution for Muslims and somebody has to do it”

Tell me, do you have to be really a worse than cattle (7:179) not to understand the direct link, forget about imagining the sheds, this has with Riba? Do I have to find what are those 72 sheds to understand this? And then do you have to be genius to find the similarity what Allah describe as Ohee from shaitan to these Mushrikeen?

Browse their sites, how many Ulema they took fatwa from to make such Haram as Halal for brainless, ‘cattle in human-shape’ Muslims? And what that turns a Muslim into? Not less than a Mushrik, without any doubt. If you believe in the Quran and Hadith and if you are not cattle then there is no doubt in it. These ‘Muslims’ are Mushrik. I can only pray for them for guidance. May Allah make them Muslim and May Allah make me steadfast on His Deen. And Allah knows best.

Case Study 2:  ICFAL (‘Islamic’ co-operative Finance in Australia)

Everything they do 100% Islamic except one. In fact, I find they are the best among all that ‘Islamic’ Finance institutions exist. Their source of money is 100% from the member’s deposit (as per my knowledge). But then what is that ONE thing that makes everything Haram?

They deposit their money in the ocean of Riba. They fuel the economy of Riba. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun. Again a direct connection with the ocean of Riba.

Think about 72 sheds. Do you think this could be the lowest one? you have to be lower to cattle to think that. Allah, the Best of the creators, given you a few enormous organs called ‘Brain’ and ‘Heart’. Put this scenario to a school child of 10 years old, he will understand this.

But why then those Ulema do not understand this? The evidence is this Ayah, shaitan gives Ohee to them and they find much logic, there is no end of logic. May Allah guide them and save them from being Mushrik and make them Muslim. Ameen.

Solution within ‘The Comfort Zone’:

But they will ask you,

“What’s the solution?” “That’s the best we can do out of the existing system”, “Do you suggest any other ways, please go ahead, we need a solution”

La Hawla wa la Quwata illa billah. They always ask somebody to give the solution. They won’t think it themselves. But again they want a solution that has to be comfortable to them.

That’s where the basic DISEASE lies, they want to do Islam as long as it is comfortable for them. The solution has to be within the comfort zone! They don’t realize that how and why Allah the Most Merciful allowing such a humiliation and destruction of Muslims around the world. It is only due to loving of “the tail of the cows and leaving the path of Jihad”

The Core Disease:

But again here comes the next core disease. Their Ulema made the Jihad almost haram for them. They don’t talk about this as if Allah has forbidden even talking about Jihad.

Then many of their Ulema, who yet talk about Jihad but made that only for Nafs.
Many made it only as protective.
Then, for many, they need an Ameer.
And for many, they just wait for the Mahdi to Jump on but you won’t see them educating Ummah, preparing Ummah for Jihad, if not going for Jihad.

That’s how this Ayah make sense!
Allah, the most merciful details everything clearly for those who take heed and save themselves from Jahannam, “999 out of 1000 goes to fire”, “Most of the people believe in Allah but they associate shirk with HIM”

Case Study 3: ‘Islamic’ Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

(you can put it with any ‘Islamic’ bank around the world, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan whatever)

Whoever has the least knowledge about the banking system, knows, every bank has to deposit a certain percentage of money to the central bank in their particular country. And what is the systems central bank operates its finances? Simply put, it’s an Ocean of Riba.

So, these ‘Islamic’ banks do everything according to Shariah but ONE. On that ONE which you can understand, they set up a special team for measuring how much dirt and filth of Riba is mixed with their money that they have to deposit with the Central Banks. The ocean of Riba is having its monsoon all the year round. Their’s no dry season that Muslim suppose to impact on this Ocean!

Imagine again what could be the 72 sheds of Riba! SubhanAllah!
Is there any grey area here that even a school child can’t understand?
But then why these Ulema cannot?

The answer is this Ayah!
They have the Ohee from shaitan to find all logic against Allah’s clear Order! And why Most of the ‘Muslims’ are in shirk following and obeying those Ulema?
The answer is this Ayah.
May Allah save them from being Mushrik and make Muslim. Ameen.

Case Study 4: Personal accounts

Leave those Muslims who holds credit cards, they don’t know what Islam is, what Jahannam is.
Leave those Muslims who get 0% instalments loans, they are far away from understanding what really Islam means.
Then leave those Muslims who work in a Bank.
But come to the Muslims like those who set up those ‘Islamic’ Banks and Finance because they try hard to live under Allah’s system.
And come to those Muslims who has a bank account which earns no interest.
And then come to those Muslims like me who keep no money in those accounts but only for necessary transactions that they are forced to do.

Bring the 72 sheds again. What are those? How many sheds even I can easily go to, maximum? Even to bring 10 sheds I have to force myself.
Do these scenarios in this case study 4 looks like could fall out of 72 sheds? Impossible, isn’t it? Even I try hard this situation in Case study 4 won’t go beyond shed 10, how can I think to take it out of 72 sheds to be safe from Riba?

Could these be considered as the SHED of Riba?

And what that suggests? let alone opening a bank account in a Bank today, the minimum thing to understand is:

Even using the building of a bank as a shed to protect me from a hot Sun could be treated as a connection with Riba.
Or even using an umbrella or a diary that has a logo of a Bank could be treated as a connection with Riba.
Or the one who supplies logistics to these banks could be treated as a connection with Riba. And Allah knows best.
SubhanAllah, how many we can count for? 72 sheds are too far away my brothers!

Yeah Allah save me, save Muslims from these. SubhanAllah I even did not think this critically before, I thought to close my account many times but shaitan has his ways. Yeah Rabb, Yeah Rahmanir Raheem, make it easy for me and for those who want to cut all the relations with Riba. Yeah Allah make us Muslim. Save us from Kuffar’s systems, save us from Jahannam. Ameen.

“And if you were to obey them, indeed, you would be Mushrik.”

Now, let’s get back to the Ayah again. 6:121

“And if you were to obey them, indeed, you would be Mushrik.”

Who are called Mushrik?
> Those who obey them (Ulema) while they make Haram as Halal.

What does it mean?
> If you think living in an ocean of Riba is okay and you feel content because Ulema has made it okay for you, then that makes you Mushrik (by obeying the Ulema)

But if you admit the fact that all these connections with these banks are Haram and you try hard to get rid of slightest connection then you do not come under that. And Allah knows best.

Case Study 5: Central Banks in connection with International Regulatory Bodies such as IMF or World Bank

Imagine now, a Muslim country or Islamic State and their central bank do not engage with any Riba. How that banks maintain connections with international finance and trades?

Does a central bank has to have a connection with any international monetary institution and maintain a transaction for international trades and world financial markets?
> The answer is, yes!

Or what about a central Bank or a country seek loans from these international institutions?
> It is a total engagement with Riba.

Then what’s the way out?

> The ONE and the ONLY way out is total Islam!

Understanding the severity of the problem first:

How’s that?
> To get the solution, you have to understand the severity of the problem first

And what is that?
> If the environment of Islam is similar to a bird which lives on the air and in the sky then the environment now Muslims live in is what made by the Kuffar, which is, putting that bird to live in the water of the ocean. You have to realize this reality. And Ulema who were inspired by shaitan is trying to make a bird livable in the water instead of trying to get it out of the water.

How’s that? Can you give some example?
> What’s the meaning of LA ILAHA illa Allah?

There is no other ILAHA except Allah, the ONLY ILAHA of mankind, every Muslim knows it!

Did believe in Allah comes first or negation (REJECTION) of any other ILAHA comes first?
> Well, of course, REJECTION of other ILAHA comes first.

If you have other ILAHA with Allah, what’s wrong with that?
> You become Mushrik.

Aujubillah. Then tell me what are these other ILAHA?
> Whatever Allah, our only Ilaha mentions as other ILAHA in Quran or Rasulullah mentions in authentic narrations. Please read this Ayah 6:121 and its critical reasoning as an evidence for that. And then Ayah 9:31 also another evidence with associated Hadith.

Does this Ayah applies to similar situation?
> But this Ayah 6:121 only talks about animal slaughtering not about Riba and furthermore it is revealed in a particular incident teaching Muslim of that time.

La Hawla Wa La Quwata Illa Billah.
Do you believe Muhammad is the last prophet? Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam?
 > Yes, I do. Sallillahu Allahi Wa Sallam.

Then do you believe the Quran is the last message, last guideline for human being until the end of time?
> Yes, I do.

Then if those incident meant to be applied on those times only then the purpose of the revelation of those Ayat has finished already that time, then why we have been carrying those Ayat in Quran for?
Why Allah committed to preserving those Ayat in the Quran?
> So that we can derive the lessons from those incidents for the times to come.

Exactly. Ma Shaa Allah. So, what I am doing here?
> I understand but here, should not it be meant only for animal slaughtering?

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.
Akhi, read the Ayah carefully. Word per word and contemplate on it.
After Allah prohibited the act then He made a comment, which is applicable to any such situation.
That’s called the generalisation. The comment doesn’t apply ONLY to that situation rather it is for all such matters where Allah, the only Legislator give you a legislation but your Ulema come up with logic to make it otherwise.

Besides, do you expect Allah Subhanahu to send a revelation for every such incident?
 > Brother, my sincere apology for my ignorance but I am learning. Could you please elaborate a little further on this point?

No problem brother. Let me clear you with a few examples.

Allah mentions in Ayah 16.68 that He gives Ohee (revelation) to bees as to where to make their nest, where to collect their food, which ways to fly etc. Can you then not derive from this that it is Allah who inspired the animals and insects as to how to live, such as the unique ways of bats, the spiders, the salmon fishes, (born in river, lives in ocean and goes back to die at the SAME birthplace crossing thousands of miles in the ocean) the fire-chaser beetles  (smells fire from 100s of miles away) are the same acts of Allah, the creator of the everything? And Allah knows best.

But then, after this, if you have any doubt that it is the matter of Animal Slaughtering only but I stressed to something else, then read from Ibne Katheer that I quoted at the end of this discussion.

JazaakAllahu Khair. I got it.
> Wa Ayyukum.

Again, what’s the way out?

If we go back now to our main topic, what’s the way out?
> Well, see again, there’s no Islam when you accepting and living with other Ilaha. Bottom line. It won’t benefit you a least. It makes you Mushrik. May Allah save us from that.

But those Muslims are preaching Islam, doing Dawah of Islam, doing Islamic organisations of Islam while they already submitted to other ILAHA. Many of them working to establish the Deen of Allah but by accepting other ILAHA.

How’s that? It’s getting more complicated for me! Can you please make it easy to understand?
> We already discussed brother.
The Riba that Ulema made Halal by labelling it ‘Islamic’ that we discussed here and you will find that ‘Islamic’ Banking around the world. There can’t be any ‘Islamic’ banking system possible within the RIBA systems controlled by the Kuffar.
The Tax system and acceptance of it while it is totally against Allah’s Law.
The democracy that many ‘Islamic’ groups accepted and finding ways to establish Allah’s Deen through it.
In general, following the ways of kuffar to solve the issues of Islam leaving the ways of Allah, the Best guide.

And a Study Method:

But what are the ways of Allah Ajja Wajal?
> Read Quran mindfully YOURSELF, contemplate in it, make a critical reasoning of it, leave the prescriptions of those Ulema. You will find it clear like daylight In Shaa Allah.

But then ONLY after this, you read Tafsir and read all the MADHAB books or FIQH Books from classical Ulema and listen to various types of Ulema to check if there is anyone who goes with your understanding so that you can have confidence and feel safe that you are not thinking something wild that nobody else thought before. Make sense to you?

absolutely. JazakAllahu Khair.
> Wa Ayukum. But watch out for shaitan. he won’t let you leave your comfort and give you all logic not to choose the hard path. So, set your intention to be to obey Allah, your Rabb, no matter what and never you leave a stone unturned to get out of slightest link with SHIRK, don’t give a least chance to shaitan to make you die being Mushrik. May Allah save us from that. May Allah guide us. Ameen.


And I testify that anything good in this is from Allah Subhanahu only and I seek refuge from Allah for my shortcomings and May Allah save me from any harm that this discussion might bring to me or anyone who seek right guidance. Ameen.

Quotes from Tafsir Ibne Katheer:

“and if you obey them, then you would indeed be polytheists.”
means, when you turn away from Allah’s command and Legislation to the saying of anyone else, preferring other than what Allah has said, then this constitutes Shirk”

9:31 Allah said :
“They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allah.”

In explanation of this Ayah, At-Tirmidhi recorded that; Adi bin Hatim said,

“O Allah’s Messenger! They did not worship them.”

The Prophet said, “Yes they did. They (monks and rabbis) allowed the impermissible for them and they prohibited the lawful for them, and they followed them in that. That was their worship of them.”


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