6:1. O Muslims, CORRECT your KUFFAR’S Mindset. DARKNESS is CREATED by Allah, it is not ‘the absence of light’

The Ayah 6:1


[All] praise is [due] to Allah, who created the heavens and the earth and made the darkness and the light. Then those who disbelieve equate [others] with their RABB.

সর্ববিধ প্রশংসা আল্লাহরই জন্য যিনি নভোমন্ডল ও ভূমন্ডল সৃষ্টি করেছেন এবং অন্ধকার ও আলোর উদ্ভব করেছেন। তথাপি কাফেররা স্বীয় পালনকর্তার সাথে অন্যান্যকে সমতুল্য স্থির করে।

My Observation:

Think of it, how in every least opportunity, kuffar, here, the atheists, try to make Allah, Al-Khaliq, the creator oblivious from the minds of the people to make them unaware of the Creator in their plot of making a ‘God-less’ world and then Muslims also influenced by those philosophies. Did you notice this, when those ‘intellectual’, ‘enlightened’ philosophers talk to make people enlightened? In different examples, in meditations, they put this logic that “Darkness is nothing but the absence of light”. Therefore they clearly deny the fact that Allah is the one who MADE it. Now we will discuss how saying this philosophy is shirk of ‘Word of Mouth’ and believing this philosophy could be kufr (for denial). And Allah knows best.


Does the Ayah mention that light made by Allah?


Then isn’t the same ayah, even before Allah saying Light, He actually placed making of darkness before light, did you notice that?


Then after that, Is there any doubt that darkness was not made?


Then where this philosophy comes from that “Darkness is nothing but the absence of Light?”

That’s denying the fact that darkness is something made by Allah. That’s a denial of Allah’s Act.

What is a denial of Allah’s act called?

Kufr. But this is not actually denying, this is not even, in fact, discussing who has made these things. See, even this philosophy is not talking about that light is made by Allah and denying darkness is not made by Allah. They actually do not say it to recognize one and deny the other. Rather they describe a phenomenon of nature in relation to another of the opposite nature.

Brilliant observation! Excellent! Fabulous! But who are actually those people who say this?

Usually the intellectuals, thoughtful and philosophical minded people, mostly kuffars, secular-minded ones.

Did you notice that even though it is not a statement that recognises nor denies the fact about who made it, but the statement in itself carries a denial of giving importance to darkness or denying to recognise the darkness as a particular entity?  

That’s right. Darkness is not given a particular recognition as an entity itself. It describes as a state of absence of something else, which is light. Yes, you’re right!

What is that suggests? Can a Muslim say this? When a Muslim says and when a Muslim believes that, what would happen? What could be the result?

He would speak against Allah’s statement. He would describe something on which Allah says the opposite. Allah knows best but by saying it as ‘words of mouth’ might make it a word of shirk which makes him a Mushrik and by believing it might make him Kafir. Allah knows best.

But let’s now go into the next part of the Ayah! See what Allah Subahanahu Ta’ala says next?

He describes something of His actions (making those sky, earth, light, darkness) and immediately He added that “the Kuffar yet set EQUALS with Him”.

What do you think, why Allah says this?

It is clearly understood that not giving credit to Allah, but to something else, such as to ‘nature’ or ‘energy’ or ‘spirit’ (that’s what they do) and not recognizing Allah as the creator of those things is the character and actions of Kuffar’s and at the same time doing that is the act of Shirk (setting equal to Allah) for those who believe in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala!

And Allah knows best. I ask Allah to make Muslims aware of it and saving them from shirk and kufr. Ameen.

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