3:133 JANNAH (the Paradise) – an UNIVERSE created for you to live eternally

The Ayah 3:133


And hasten to forgiveness from your RABB and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth, prepared for the ones, those who fear Allah”


Do you know some people already bought land on the Moon?
Do you know even McDonlad and Igloo too already planned to build their food shop in the Moon? 
Do you know that scientists are so much hopeful to find a planet for the human to make their second home very soon? 
On the other hand, a scientist like Stephen Hawking warned about the survival of the human race unless an alternative home is found which in his word “We have LESS than 100 YEARS to save the human race”
The theoretical physicist identified artificial intelligence (AI), nuclear war, and genetically-engineered viruses as just some of the man-made problems that pose an imminent threat to humanity.
We are at a point in history where we are “trapped” by our own advances, with humanity increasingly at risk from man-made threats.


A planet is discovered.
Not very far but only 80,000 light-years away, just at the edge of the Milkyway galaxy, our own galaxy, which is about 100,000 light-years across, a planet full of precious minerals and rich in natural resources.

Scientists are ready now to send the next generation of human species to live on that planet. NASA released the photos of the planet and the artists draw out the life in that dream planet. Its rivers, horses, fishes, birds, flowers, and fruits are so amazing, no human eyes have ever seen like that before. But there’s something more about the planet. 

A scientific observation, which created an astonishing desire in the heart of each and every human being about the planet; It has such a healthy atmosphere, which is so much conducive for the human species to live on for a few thousand years without any disease while remaining young. Can you imagine that!
They named the planet ‘EverLiving’. Therefore, It becomes a dream for many millions. NASA had no problem finding volunteers who choose the planet as their home. 

And guess what, you are given an opportunity to live on that planet! 
Not only that, they will allow you to choose 10 of your family members to be with you. NASA described to you the training process that you need to go through, which appeared to you a very troublesome one. The first part consists of hard training, harder than commando training. And the one who knows what is a commando training, he knows, what does it mean. And the second part, the transmission process is the one that is most scary; they will keep your body hibernated for a few million years to transport you there. 

Tell me, who leaves this opportunity, especially the old millionaires and billionaires, those who already spent their lives in bliss and comfort? And now when death approaching them, they were the most enthusiastic ones to be on the ‘EverLiving’ planet. In fact, there’s nothing to lose!
Sounds fascinating so far!
Do you feel like living there right now?
Waiting millions of years seems too long! Ah!

And The REALITY being Muslim:

If you are a Muslim, do you not understand what is this fantasy about? 
Isn’t Jannah the same place that a Muslim knows about?
What not you know about Jannah!
You know there’s no disease in Jannah!
There’s no sweat, no phut, no urinating, no excreting.
There’s no tiring, no extortion, no sleeping, no aging. 
There’s no swearing, no envying, no fighting.
And you know you are going to live there forever! SubhanAllah!

And isn’t it easy to understand, you go through the same hibernating process? 
Doesn’t death, the timing in the Qabr, resembles a hibernate process?
And aren’t the training programs resemble the tests and trials you go through in your life.
Isn’t it just that easy for a Muslim to think about Jannah as a place to live eternally! SubhanAllah!

Thing is, your life does not end actually. There is no death that you really call it. 
You are created for eternal life. Surely your NAFS is created to live on eternally, there’s no death of it.
But there is a transition period only. Your body goes through that transition period.
Like that hibernate life while you are transported to the dream planet of a dream galaxy!

Imagine the Universe, Al-Jannah.

I ask you to Imagine this hard, just for the sake of realizing the description of Jannah as close as possible. Aren’t all of those descriptions of rivers, gardens, soil, fruits, fountains, houses, utensils, gold, silver, etc Allah Ta Baraka Ta’ala mentioned about Jannah actually like a planet? 
Aren’t everything seems like another planet created by Allah, Al-Baari? 
But the only difference is that the planet of Jannah has got different materials in it.

See, here in this universe Allah created planets of different ingredients, many are full of gas, many are full of smoke, many are full of dust, many are with other valuable materials. We have diamonds inside the earth, many other valuable jewels we extract from the earth’s inside, but in the planets of Jannah, those materials are filled abundance on the surface like we have stones and rocks so easily available on earth, there in Jannah, all valuable minerals that we cherish so much on earth, are so easily available in Jannah.  

Therefore, imagine Jannah as your final abode in another universe.
Think it really, you’re finally going to live there in another universe.
As you can buy land on the moon now, if you have money, in the future, people might have the opportunity to buy lands on Mars and who knows people will start living in other solar systems too! If Allah allows this universe to exist that long!
If that can practically happen in the future, why cannot you think of Jannah practically? 
Just think about it in real vision. And what I mean by real vision? 

When you Imagine, Imagine Hard

Let me ask you this,
did you notice in everyday life that the earth you standing on is running through space in more than a hundred thousand kilometers per hour?
Or the spin it does?
Aren’t these the reality? 
And what do you really need to get yourself into this reality?
Though you are not affected by it straight away because you don’t see it, you don’t feel it, therefore it doesn’t concern you. 
But think again, it’s real. 

Try imagining this reality so that you might be able to imagine the universe out there which we called Jannah. As you can’t realize this scientific and practical truth of the earth’s running and spinning unless you imagine hard, it’s the same to imagine the existence of Jannah, the eternal universe. 

Just look at the sky, what do you see with your naked eyes is just only our galaxy!
Our Milky Way galaxy is what we are looking at.
And the Quran says about seven heavens which are actually seven universes (as I understand it and Allah knows best)
and then Hadith described the physical sizes of these universes,
and in those Hadith you find their locations, positions in terms of one to another
and then it describes where is Jannah located.

Do you have a problem now getting the picture of Jannah? It’s an entire universe that Allah described its size is as far wide as earth to heaven.

What’s in it for you in this imagination?

Now let me ask you, remember the fantasy of going to the planet that scientists have found?
Had this been true, had you been chosen for living there, would you be concerned about anything else in your life?
Would you be indulging in cinema, sports, the entertainment that you are so much indulged in?
I bet you won’t.

Then what about the ever-living Jannah?
How come you are not concerned about that life?
How come you are not working for that?

On the flip side, look at the consequences, if you are not working for Jannah, you are going to Jahannam. Naujubillah!
There’s no middle choice.
You need to work for Jannah.
You need to focus on Jannah.
You won’t miss this race and fall to Jahannam if you just use the commonsense.
It’s not humanly possible, really, after knowing the description of Jannah, unless your brain doesn’t work unless you already wasted your brain. 

And finally, the Hadith of Jibraeel Alaihi Wa Sallam comes into mind, ‘How come a person knows about Jannah but won’t work for it, impossible!’
And Allah knows best.
May Allah save you and me and the Ummah from Jahannam.
May Allah guide you, guide me and guide the Ummah.  

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