25:73 An Ayah of the Qur’an doesn’t IMPACT you! Deaf and Blind are you!

The Ayah 25:73


“And those who, when reminded of the verses of their RABB, do not fall upon them Deaf and Blind.”


এবং যাদেরকে তাদের পালনকর্তার আয়াতসমূহ বোঝানো হলে তাতে অন্ধবধির সদৃশ আচরণ করে না।

Critical Reasoning:

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!
How do you derive benefit by reflecting the Ayah itself?
IS this Ayah talking about some people? Some kind of people by referring as ‘those who’?


What kind of people are they?

The Ayah itself doesn’t say this.

Thing is, to get the benefit, we even don’t need to know who are those people it is talking about in the Ayah. Rather it is important to know WHAT is talking about ‘those’ people.
Do you understand WHAT is said about ‘those’ people?


What is it?

That when they are reminded by an Ayah of the Quran they do not react (Fell upon/collapse) on it as if they are DEAF and BLIND.

Can you do a Critical Reasoning of that?

This seems Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala placed an analogy before us.
Deaf cannot hear, so, he doesn’t have any impact on whatever you tell him.
A blind cannot see, so, he doesn’t know what is in front of him.
Therefore, he cannot REACT to something, because he has no idea about it in the first place.
You tell him something, there will be no impact, he doesn’t see you nor he hears you.

By presenting this analogy Allah, Al-Sayyid, The Master teaches us that not REACTING on Allah’s Ayat could only happen to the one who is Deaf and Blind.

Did you get that?
Do you see most of the Muslims fall in this category?
But why most of the Muslims today act like Deaf and Blind?
Why an Ayah of the Quran does not impact a Muslim?
Yes! An Ayah which even constitutes Shirk doesn’t impact a Muslim. Such as, the issue of TAGHUT.
Do you know why this has happened, how this has happened?

My Reflection:

Traditional Teaching: The Misguidance:
“You can’t study (Contemplate) the Quran on your own”

Muslims are not used to think about an Ayah of the Quran nor a Hadith by themselves.
The traditional teaching system does not let a Muslim think on the Quran or Hadith on their own!
There’s no way!
It is discouraged, not appreciated and almost both openly/unofficially prohibited.
This is the tradition. This is the practice.
There’s no teaching of how to Think, how to Contemplate, how to Reason Critically.
And it happens with all level of Muslims from ordinary to the learned ones, to learned scholars.
The scholars of today got the understanding from the earlier Ulema they follow span by span.

The Root Cause of the Blocked Minds resulted in the Blind Following:

Therefore, Muslims have no other way but to rely on the understanding of the Ulema.
Muslims entirely, totally (1) understand Deen only whatever is explained by their Respective Ulema. Therefore, an Ayah doesn’t impact on them only because (2) the Ulema they follow never emphasized this issue, and since they don’t have their own ability to reason, how do you expect an Ayah would impact them?

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajiun.
Allah’s ayat are failed to the system that is in practice.
Allah’s words do not have an impact on Muslims.
They are impacted by the Quran only when it is presented by their respective Ulema.
Any other explanation! They have nothing to do with it.
Nothing other than what they were taught won’t go through their head!
La Hawla Wa La Quwata Illa Billah!
Each and every group follows their own kind of Ulema and they receive the understanding of the Ayah only from the Ulema of that particular group.
This is the system. This is the tradition.

The Impact: Most of the Muslims today do Islam with Shirk

Since today’s Ulema understand the Quran as the way the earlier Ulema taught and explained, therefore, most of the scholars themselves also do not understand the issue of Taghut.
The earlier scholars understood Taghut only to mean idols, grave worshipping as because they lived under the Shariah, under the Islamic Authority.
There were tyrant Rulers but they never ruled by other than Allah’s Law, therefore, there was no situation for the earlier scholars to treat those Muslim Rulers as Taghut.
But today we live under the authority who rules by the law other than Allah’s Law, which makes them Taghut yet these Ulema think they are Muslim, they consider them as Muslim.

Thus the Ulema failed to present the Tawheed to the Ummah.
And most of the Muslims living in Shirk by accepting the Taghut, associating with the Taghut while Allah commanded them to REJECT Taghut.
Thus most of the Muslims have no idea about their status with Allah Ta’ala.
Most of the Muslims do not live with “La ILAHA Illa Allah’.

The ROOT of the problems: Not Contemplating on the Quran.

So, the problems, the root of which goes to one and only fact, Not Contemplating on the Quran.
which made the Ummah become blind followers.

And Allah knows best.
May Allah guide Muslim Scholars.
May Allah guide Muslims.
May Allah save Muslims from this Shirk.
May Allah return the Muslims to the Quran.

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