25:43 When you follow your DESIRE, you take that as your ‘GOD’, as if you WORSHIP YOURSELF! Aujubillah!

The Ayah: 25:43


Have you seen the one who takes as his ‘god’ his own desire? Then would you be responsible for him?


আপনি কি তাকে দেখেন না, যে তারা প্রবৃত্তিকে উপাস্যরূপে গ্রহণ করে? তবুও কি আপনি তার যিম্মাদার হবেন?

Related Ayah: 53:23

My Reflection:

Look, how things are connected.
In Ayah 53:23 Allah give us information, which seem not much connected with us, but now read that Ayah again and connect with this Ayah, see it is terrifying SHIRK!
The gist of the Ayah 53:23 was something like this: Whatever idea and thoughts you might come up about Allah, the Almighty, if you do not have evidence for that then that is from what your heart desires.

Therefore, first, you need to check whether the ideas you have about Allah, your creator, did Allah mention about that in the Quran or was there any authentic narrations from  Rasulullah Sallillahu Alaihi Wa Sallam? If it is not, then Allah said, it is from your DESIRE. That’s the understanding from Ayah 53:23.

Contemplate further on the word that Allah mentions. Allah mentions “He did not send from him an AUTHORITY (sultan)”. Means whatever about Allah is his authority, needs his approval, needs evidence from Him. If you think something else than you are not giving authority to Allah, the legislator, about his affairs. Be mindful about this.

Now come to this Ayah we study. Allah mentions that DESIRE is actually their ‘GOD’, which means worshipping yourself, which is nothing other than a clear SHIRK. Aujubillah. And Allah knows best. May Allah save us from all forms of Shirk.

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