25:30 O Muslims, Know, how did your ‘Saheeh Ulema’, those who made you to blindly follow them, have ABANDONED the Quran long back.

The Ayah: 25:30


And the Messenger has said, “O my RABB, indeed my people have taken this Qur’an as [a thing] abandoned.

A Simple Math – Analogy One: When do you abandon a Constitution?

You have a constitution, who implements it?
A govt.

Without the govt, does the constitution has any use?

Then if your countrymen do not take any initiative, not even have the least concern to have authority, those who can implement the constitution, do you think they have any regard whatsoever for the constitution?
Not at all.

They just abandon the constitution. Its Simple Math.

A Simple Math – Analogy Two: When do you abandon a Company Manual? 

You sent a Manager appointing him as a leader of your company in a place and you gave him the operation manual as to how to run the affairs of the company. The manual describes the functions of the Manager and the employees.

In the absence of a manager, who carries the instructions that are set for the Manager?
Nobody, until you appoint someone in the position of the Manager, even it is temporary.

What happens, if you don’t appoint a Manager nor you appoint someone, even temporarily, in the position of the Manager?
Manager’s functions, Manager’s duties remain undone.

What’s the point then having those duties of the Manager carrying in the manual?
No point.
It is as if you have no regard of those functions set out in the Manual as if you have no regard for the manual as if you abandon the manual.
It’s Simple Math.

And Al-Quran Al-Hakeem: The abandoned Manual:

Is the Quran came for you?

Is Quran a manual for you?

Can you implement all of the instruction of the Quran as an individual?

Who do you require to implement the Quran?
A Khilafah, an authority.

Since you do not have the Khalifah to implement the manual, does manual has any use?

Since you do not have a Khilafah to implement the Quran, does the Quran has any use?

So, when did you abandon the Quran?
100 years back!

O Muslims, you were out of Islam, if it is not 200 years ago through the Kuffar’s Education System but at least 100 years back by abolishing the Khilafah!
It’s Simple Math!

Who did you take as your RABB?

O Muslim, do the above maths make no impact on you?
Then let me put it in a more simpler way and let’s see where you stand.

Someone steal your money. What’s the law about it?
Cutting hands.

But what do you do?
We go to the police, file case against him, take him to court, jail, fines and punishment.

Do all these you do according to Allah’s law?

Because we don’t have Allah’s law in the first place. We don’t have the authority to go to, who would settle our disputes according to Allah’s law.
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajiun.
Does that give you a cause to go to Taghut, accept Taghut as your lawgiver, as your settlers of disputes?
Does that give you a cause to take the UN as your Rabb, who tell you what should be your law?

Do you think it is acceptable to Allah?
But what can we do?
We don’t have an authority that implements Allah’s law!

What’s your priority?

Analogy 1:

You work in an institution. Somehow the authority is banished, somehow you were in a state of no authority in the institution. What do you do?
You stop everything and establish the authority first. That’s become the first priority. Though still, you go to work.

Analogy 2:

If it is a school, you come to school, teachers come to school, class goes on but everybody discusses only one issue, AUTHORITY. Meeting held every now and then about this. Meanwhile, how do you maintain your affairs?
Will you go to the AUTHORITY of another school to manage the affairs of your school?
No way!

Analogy 3:

You are working in an office and somehow the authority is resigned. Do you go to another office for your problems or you set an authority within the office?

Analogy 4

You belong to a country and that country has an authority. Somehow they are killed or dead.
What do you do?
Everything comes second to the matter of establishing an AUTHORITY.
Do you go to the neighbouring country and implement their authority?
You work on establishing your authority, among yourselves.
Does this process get the FIRST priority in the country above all other issues?
Doesn’t everyone everywhere discuss only one issue, the authority? 
Though life goes on but it becomes the first priority in personal, family, social and state life to work on establishing the authority.

But in the case of Authority of Allah, what are you doing?

You happily living ‘ever after’ under the authority of TAGHUT, referring your affairs to TAGHUT. 
Taghut gives you law how much money you need to pay him as taxes, GST, vat and you happily giving that.
Taghut makes a process to govern your life with the laws other than Allah’s law and they give it a name ‘democracy’ and make a huge establishment of parliamentarians, law, election commission, election, voting and what not and you ‘happily ever after’ participating in the process and still you think you are Muslim. 
You are happily ‘ever after’ working in the administration of TAGHUT in Justice, Police, Defense, Election and so on and still, you think you are Muslim.
The head of the Taghut the United Nations (UN) give you the law of everything, regulate your values, morality, ethics against Allah’s law and you happily living ‘ever after’ complying with that and still you call yourself Muslim!

Taghut set a world of financing systems based on Riba and your ‘Saheeh Ulema’ devise the ‘Islamic’ Banking, ‘Halal’ Finance in that ocean of Riba.
Taghut set a world system based on Insurance and ‘forced’ you in that system and your ‘Saheeh Ulema’ made it okay for you. “La Ukallifullahu Nafsan Illa UwsAha”?
Therefore, you have no way out,
Because your ‘Saheeh Ulema’ who Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam described as ‘Worst Creature under the sky’ made the World System set by the Taghut acceptable to you!
Because these ‘Saheeh Ulema’, the ‘Worst Creature under the sky’ adjusted Islam in a World System set by the Kuffar!

By Allah, the owner of the Legislation, Al Azeem, doesn’t RECOGNISE you as Muslim.
By Allah, the ‘Saheeh Ulema’, those you blindly follow, thinking they are giving you ‘Saheeh Aqeedah’, abandoned the Quran.
Actually, it’s not by them but their ‘Ulema’, whom they got the Deen from, has abandoned the Quran long back.

And Allah knows best.
May Allah guide Muslims.
May Allah guide those ‘Saheeh Ulema’ who made you follow them blindly.
May Allah cure your blindness, O Muslims.
May Allah save you and me from the acquisition of Rasulullah Salla Alaihi Wa Sallam.


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