2:238-239 Allah TAUGHT Ebadah. Therefore, Remember Allah (Dhikr and Prayer) As the Way Allah TAUGHT

The Ayah 2:238


“Maintain with care the [obligatory] prayers and [in particular] the middle prayer and stand before Allah, devoutly obedient.”


“সমস্ত নামাযের প্রতি যত্নবান হও, বিশেষ করে মধ্যবর্তী নামাযের ব্যাপারে। আর আল্লাহর সামনে একান্ত আদবের সাথে দাঁড়াও।”

The Ayah 2:239


“And if you fear [an enemy, then pray] on foot or riding. But when you are secure, then remember Allah [in prayer], as He has taught you that which you did not [previously] know.”


“অতঃপর যদি তোমাদের কারো ব্যাপারে ভয় থাকে, তাহলে পদচারী অবস্থাতেই পড়ে নাও অথবা সওয়ারীর উপরে। তারপর যখন তোমরা নিরাপত্তা পাবে, তখন আল্লাহকে স্মরণ কর, যেভাবে তোমাদের শেখানো হয়েছে, যা তোমরা ইতিপূর্বে জানতে না।”

My Critical Reasoning and Understanding:

Bismillah! Al HAmdulillah!

O my brother,
Read these two Ayat and that’s enough for a day because if you just THINK at least ONE issue mention here, that will set you up, your ebadah, for your entire life.

You don’t need to read a tafsir to know what other’s thought about this, just read it yourself, have some respect for the creator of your brain, when you respect that brain, you respect its Creator, Allah, the best of the creators. So, please use that brain.

If you have the least knowledge of Arabic language, you know the meaning of ‘Allama’ means ‘He taught’ and ‘kum’ means ‘you (plural)’, therefore the word ‘Allamakum’ means ‘He taught you’.

If you don’t know Arabic language then go check the translations of 31 different translator, how they translate the word ‘Allamakum’ (that’s asking the knowledgeable (not anyone who has ‘knowledge’ (as wrongly translated and understood widely) but who has ‘knowledge of Quran’) when you don’t know))

Who is this ‘He’ mentioned in this Ayah? He is a teacher and He is Allah, Subhanahu wa Taa’la.
The ebadah you do taught us by Allah. Allahu Akbar.
Pause, think, sit on it and sleep on it.
It did not come from a Malaikah, not from Rasulullah, sallillahu alaihi wa Sallam, nor it came from any other human being. It came from Allah. Allah taught his messenger through his Malaikah Jibraeel (Sunan Nasai 514, Saheeh), and then only Rasulullah taught us. (Adab Al-Murfad 213, Saheeh by Albani)

Ebadah is Allah’s right and He taught us how to do it and He said, you did not know this before.
So, check yourself before the dhikr you do, the prayer you do.
Where you get it from?
Does it go back to Allah’s messenger?
Is there any authentic sources to Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa Sallam or somewhere along the way, some ‘Peer’, some ‘awlya’ dreamt it?

Though I know the argument about innovating Dhikr that in time of Rasulullah some sahaba did few things on their own, therefore, one can also accept an ebadah today because it is dreamt by a righteous one. But the thing is, Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa Sallam approved that, after him where you get the approval from? Because don’t ever forget that ebadah needs approval from Allah. (Al-Quran 12:40)

And when someone introduces something new because a most righteous Ulama has dreamt it, he actually forgets the power of shaitan.
What did Allah say? Allah did not send any nabi or Rasul that shaitan did not try to put his words. (Al-Quranul Majeed 22:52-53)
Can you imagine that?
If that is the case with Allah’s Nabi and Rasul then which righteous slave shaitan can spare? (except Omar Ra (Saheeh Bukhari 3294) as what we know from Rasulullah again).

That’s why time and time again we check and go back to the authenticity of anything that claim came from Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam.

Just remember, doing any ebadah that is not from Allah, is a clear Shirk and Bida’a (I know it is traditionally described as ‘Bida’s’ because Hadith clearly says it is ‘Bida’a’ but as per Quran it falls under the definition of Shirk because you give authority to someone else, the authority of which belongs to Allah. (Al-Quranul Hakeem 18:15)

And Allah knows best. I seek refuge with Allah to do an Ebadah that He did not approve. Ameen.

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