17:19 O Slaves of Allah, feel the SOLACE, the fountain of PEACE in your heart when you are TERRFIED living in a ZOMBIE world

The Ayah 17:19


But whoever desires the Hereafter and exerts the effort due to it while he is a believer – it is those whose effort is ever appreciated [by Allah ].

আর যারা পরকাল কামনা করে এবং মুমিন অবস্থায় তার জন্য যথাযথ চেষ্টা-সাধনা করে, এমন লোকদের চেষ্টা স্বীকৃত হয়ে থাকে।

My Understanding:

SubhanAllah, this Ayah brings the solace in the heart, when you are so much frustrated.
How would you face Allah Ta’ala?

A. Riba is flowing into your blood, how do you escape it?

B. Zina is flowing in the air, how do you unbreath it?

C. The Kuffar have successfully taken the Muslim women out of Islam, so whatever hard you try being the shepherd of your household:

(C1) You can’t make your women obeying 100% Allah’s Hijab. How would you face Allah Subhanahu with that? Could they be causing Jannah Haram for you, being a Dayuth? Naujubillah!

(C2) You won’t find your women obeying you 100% because kuffar have shaped their mind for ‘equality’, ‘women’s right’, ‘freedom of women’ for centuries. Therefore, nothing goes without you explaining it, without having an argument about it, without consulting it because it is their ‘right’ now to have an opinion in everything, even they do not have knowledge about, while Allah commanded them to be obedient.

(C3) Let alone they exist with co-wives, Inna lillahi wa Inna ilahi rajiun. Most of your women could be living in clear Kufr by disliking and impeding you from what Allah made Halal for you.

That’s how successful the Kuffar has been by taking out the entire ummah out of Islam long back. Allah knows best.

Therefore, how would you save your womenfolk from Jahannam as well as yourself that Allah commanded you? (Yeah Allah, save us from Jahannam.)

My solution is this:

Push your women folk hard to study Deen as well as in the knowledge of the affairs of life, keep them update of entire aspects of life.


You see, Allah, Al-Hadee, The Best Guide set a system for men to prepare them for taking responsibilities:

A. A Man goes to Masjid to prays in Jama’a
B. Allah liked those most who gather in the Masjid after Salah.
C. The Khutba that should teach Muslims the affairs of Deen as well as affairs of life.

Therefore, men form a social Jama’a.
He gets the knowledge of Deen as well as the knowledge of the affairs of life.

Then after this, Allah Ta Baraka Wa Ta’ala set the following responsibilities for men:

A. Allah commanded men to save themselves and their families from Jahannam.
B. Allah made men as leader over his family.

So, the men attain knowledge and get responsible.
On the other way of looking at it is that unless you have knowledge how can you be a responsible leader to guide your family towards Jannah and saving them from Jahannam?

Now, what about the women? 

What’s the system Allah Ajja Wa Jalla set for a woman?

A. She stays home.
B. She OBEYS her husband.

It’s just that simple.

But Kuffar pulled your women down to the deep of the ocean of filth by shaping their minds in last 100 years. Now, they became disobedient.

So, an ignorant becomes disobedient. How do you deal with such calamity?
Solution, force them in attaining in knowledge of Deen.
So that you don’t have to force Allah’s Deen on them. They would read it through their own eyes and that should impact them In Shaa Allah.

D. Living in a Kuffar’s land with the citizenship of Kufr and Shirk engraved in it, but how easy it is to leave?

And how long you can try? How far you can stretch? The daily activities made you forget your situation but then night comes with terrified possibility, what if you won’t wake up? And you long for the morning to stand and cry. But after you could exhort, you feel the ease and you go easy again with the situation but it doesn’t change while slowly you become compromising. That’s the danger of the whole situation. Therefore, sometimes, you feel, ‘let’s start from the beginning’. ‘Why I am in this situation?’

So you try hard and keep asking Allah, Al Fattah, the opener, to open the path for you and make dua, “Rabbana Nazzina min al Qawmi Zalimeen” (Our Rabb, save us from the wrongdoing and corrupt people, rescue us from this Zombie land) (Quran 28:21)

Save from the Corrupt

Yeah Rabb, make our affairs easy for us. Destroy the systems of the kuffar. Save us from the systems of Kuffar. Take us to the land where we can breathe fresh air that you provided for your slaves, do not cause us to die in this zombie land. Ameen, Yeah Rabb.

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