13:11 O My brother, whose influence you got, shaitan or Malaikah (Angels)?

The Quran Ayah about the influence of Malaikah.
Sura Ar-Raad 13:11

لَهُ مُعَقِّبَاتٌ مِّن بَيْنِ يَدَيْهِ وَمِنْ خَلْفِهِ يَحْفَظُونَهُ مِنْ أَمْرِ اللَّهِ

For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah


Tafsir Ibne Abbas of this Ayah:
About the guarding malaikah

(For him are angels ranged before him) He has angels who succeed one another: the angels of the night succeed the angels of the day and vice versa (and behind him who guard him by Allah’s command)
“and who drive him to the things destined.”


Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!
You live in the family.
You deal with the daily issues in the family.
You always consult with your spouse (even with your children sometimes when it concerns them.)
And ‘two heads work better than one’, that’s what they say.

But you don’t agree with each other always.
You know something, some issues better than your spouse, you got better knowledge.
But your spouse insists on something else, even without having proper knowledge about it.
You engage in argument, you engage in debate, you engage in quarreling and you engage in fighting.

Day goes by, night passes, your anger calm down and next day you open the discussion again.
And you tell yourself, ‘This time I will try to not to get angry’
So, you open the door of logic, reason, examples, hoping this should be acceptable to your spouse now.
You placed it in a nice and respectable way,
You have lowered your Ego, you were not pushing, nor you had a tendency to overpower.

But things didn’t change.
You forgot, other person also thought the same way.
Your spouse had also thought how he/she can convince you in a nice manner and in a logical way.
Because, as per his/her knowledge what he/she thought was the best.

So, what do you do now?
If you are wise, you leave the ‘Tug of War’.
You compromise and maintain the peace in the house, right?
Well, that’s how it goes, isn’t it?
And that’s not a problem for anybody and everybody.

Unless you’re a Muslim.
With a Muslim, it is not just that easy.
Why? What makes a Muslim different than others?
Well, a Muslim is concerned about Jannah and Jahannam.

If you’re a Muslim,
You know, anything and everything you do in your daily life has to finally connect with your Deen.
Your a single word of mouth,
a footsteps of your leg,
a stroke of your finger,
these anything and everything has a connection to your path to Jannah.
You want to take a decision of anything and everything in your daily life, in your family life, that must connects to Deen.

If you’re a Muslim,
You know you have an an influence on you from shaitan. (numerous references)
And you know you have an influence on you from Malaikah. (Tirmidhi 2988)
So, you have to know, of those actions of yours, whose influence you got?
Is it from shaitan or is it from Malaikah?

So, if you’re Muslim,
Ask yourself this,
Who is more knowledgeable about Deen in your family?
Is it you or your spouse?

So, when you decide which restaurant you go to, for your ‘dining out’, (!)
which shopping mall you go to, which product you buy,
which place you go for your ‘monthly outing’, (!)
which family you associate with,
which school/Madrasa you send your children to,
who decides?
Who influences you?

You take decision, of course by consulting your spouse,
but does your spouse have better knowledge about Deen or you?
So, you know that choosing something is wrong, you know that doing something is not right,
You know what is the footprint of shaitan, but your spouse doesn’t.
You know what will take you and your family away from the path of Jannah.
But your spouse insists otherwise,
and you get submitted, you make the compromise by the fact or fantasy or by the philosophy of ‘living with harmony’, ‘keeping the peace in the family’.
(Or actually, you compromise with the Deen of Kuffar, ‘equality’, ’empowerment’ which already shaped the mind of 3/4 generations of the Muslim women)

Know that, you are submitting to shaitan’s influence.
shaitan, obviously has influence over both of you but he cannot overpower you directly,
he easily overpowers the other person (being short of knowledge of Deen).
Therefore, his strategy work on you through the other door, eventually shaitan becomes successful.
You made shaitan overpower you. Naujubillah!
May Allah protect you and me from the cursed shaitan.
And Allah knows best!

And then you cry when your children became 13 years of old.
You realised now, your children has a less connection with the family because once you had a practice of eating out.
So, eating from outside gets so easy to your children now that you don’t find your children in the dinning table anymore.
His/ her connection with the family becomes lesser and lesser every single day.
Your 15 year child yet live in the family though but like a sub-tenant.
He/she comes in the home and locks the door, there’s no connection in the family.
And now that your children get in his/ her 20, the last tiny rope of family bond is finally tore off,
your loving child goes out, lives on his/ her own, choosing his/her friend over you.
Inna Ilaihi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un.

Isn’t that’s the case you see around Muslim families?
What’s the reason do you think?

It’s those days you followed the Deen of Kuffar, the ‘innocent’ Ways of living like Kuffar.
Kuffar has pushed a culture of eating out, so that the children develop an habit of outward life, the impact of which is, a less connection with the parents, with the mother.
An easy but unnoticed way of life is designed to break the institution of family, the ultimate aim of those corrupt Kuffar.
And it’s the day you compromised with your spouse to allow your children to go to the university to have a career while mixing with the non-Mahram.
The ‘children of shaitan’, the Kuffar, were not only gave your child a career but took the Hayah (the shyness) from your child and successfully able to imprint a ‘freedom’ in the mind of your children.

And when it is just manifested today, you realised it in your tears in Tahajjud Salah, don’t you?
And that’s only because your spouse didn’t understand the footsteps of shaitan.
Today your children got a career in Dunya but lost the career in Akheerah and shaitan had his success time!
You had made shaitan successful in his threat.
Your Rabb asked you to be the expert to understand the footsteps of shaitan but only your understanding didn’t work,
shaitan got you through another door called, ‘peace and harmony’.

So, you shed tears now because your children has taken Kuffar’s Deen so dearly.
You realised your children is out of Deen.
Only because of the fact that you had to compromise with your spouse to let your child to get involved in all those sports and the culture of fun and entertainment the year round that set by the Kuffar.
Only because your spouse didn’t understand the fact that once your child gets used to these culture, you cannot force him/her back to Deen leaving those entertainment.
But unfortunate for you, she had an clear influence over you.
Therefore, in those days shaitan has overpowered you through your spouse.
Your own understanding of the shaitan’s footstep didn’t save your child.
And you just compromised with your spouse to have a ‘peace’ in the family.
and that ‘peace’, is the shaitan’s footstep to take your generation away from the path of Jannah.
May Allah save you and me and our generation from Jahannam.

So, what do you do now?
How do you maintain the ‘peace in the family’ and at the same time you won’t have to compromise in the matter of Deen?
What’s the way out?
How can you make your spouse understand the influence of shaitan?
How can you make your spouse understand the footsteps of shaitan?
How can you make an attempt to a long struggle of taking the ‘Kuffar’s mindset of ‘equality’ out from her head?
Only by simply making her, {Obedient to Husband} as that’s what the Deen of Allah, that He Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala sent with.

And how do you do that?
Only by putting her in the Study of Deen.
You must put your wife in the Study of Deen.
Only your knowledge of Deen won’t work in the family unless your wife is fully obedient to you.

And Allah knows best.
May Allah save us from shaitan’s influence!
May Allah save us from the Kuffar’s Mindset.
May Allah save us from following Kuffar’s Deen.
May Allah guide us to Jannah!


More about the Malaikah’s influence: (My disclaimer)

Allah, Al-A’leem, The all knowledgeable, A’alimul Gayeeb, the Knower of unseen, is the One, who ONLY has the knowledge of Unseen.
This is the knowledge of Unseen and whatever He, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala informed Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.
After that nobody can claim he has the knowledge of Al-Gayeeb.

So, where does Abdullah Ibne Abbas got this knowledge about Gayeeb from?
Did Rasulullah informed him about this?
Then there should have been an evidence (a Hadith) to support it.

Though I myself consider Abdullah Ibne Abbas’s understanding of Quran is the best one, because of the fact that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam made Dua to Allah to grant him knowledge of the Quran. Therefore, I mostly turn to his Tafsir when i need something to know.

But that doesn’t mean he can also speak about the Gayeeb, which is only Allah’s authority.
But this Tafsir says about the Malaikah that they DRIVE human being towards their set destination.
Which means, Abdullah ibne Abbas, Radiallahu Anhu describes an action of Malaikah, which is a matter of unseen.

Actually I didn’t think this before but only now.
Note that, though it is certain about the effect of Malaikah on us (Tirmidhi 2988) but that Hadith doesn’t mention this specific act of Malaikah.

That’s my critical reasoning about this, thinking to the point. And I just wanted to clarify myself.
Allah knows best, how certainly you can take this knowledge of Gayeeb unless it is not mentioned by Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.
And that’s just my own understanding.

Also another point, we have to take the understanding of the Sahaba, doesn’t mean that we have to take their saying on the matter of Al-Gayeeb too as Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala says in the Quran Sura An-Naml 27:65 that none has the knowledge of unseen except Allah.
And Allah knows best.

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