114:1 Say, I seek refuge with the RABB of mankind.

What is the subject here?

What type of Ayah is this?
>Instruction, Dua,

How do you know this is an instruction?

How do you know this is a Dua?
>”I seek refuge…”

What is the instruction?
>Ask/Seek refuge

>Is it an instruction to you?

What is an instruction mean to you?
>I have to obey it.

So, what’s the instruction here for you?
>I have to make this dua.

Do you know when to make this Dua?
>Not yet.

Asking Refuge with who?
>With the RABB of mankind.

What do you understand by Rabb?
>Don’t know yet.

Does this Ayah tells you why to seek refuge?

Does it tell you who you have to take refuge from?

So, what this Ayah pushes you for?
>I have to know (1) When to make this Dua. (2) Against who/which/what or why I have to make this Dua. (3) What is the meaning of Rabb

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