109:1-2. “O Kuffar, I do not worship what you worship” O Muslims, Don’t you PLEDGE yourself to this TWICE every day! Then how come you worship that which Kuffar Worship?

The Ayat 109:1

Say, “O disbelievers,

বলুন, হে কাফেরকূল,


I do not worship what you worship.


আমি এবাদত করিনা, তোমরা যার এবাদত কর।


O Muslims, How these Ayat relate to you today!

Kuffar worship money, how come you worship money too!
Kuffar worship prestige, status, degrees of dunya, how come you worship the same?
Kuffar worship their desires (philosophies of falsehood that boggling into their head, luxury and entertainment with no bounds), how come you do the same?
Isn’t Allah, the Most exalted that you ONLY worship?

O Muslims,
How come you believe in Allah and His Rasul but you live a life as the way Kuffar live their lives!
O Muslims,
How come you believe that you have to stand before Allah on the day of judgement but you have the same mindset of the Kuffar’s?
O Muslims,
How come you know that you have to answer a question in your Kabr, “Man deenuka?” (What was your Deen?) yet you follow the Deen of the Kuffar’s?
Is Allah not your Rabb?

Allah, the Best of the Creators, gave you a stomach, therefore, you need to work that much which is sufficient for your stomach.
But how come you engage yourself in so much work to feed your eyes, feed your desires!
And then when that much is accomplished you put your eyes to safety and security for future and build houses and wealth as the Kuffars do.
What do you think makes you different from the Kuffar?

Did you not ever think why do you recite and what do you recite TWICE in the sunnah Salat TWICE every day?
(The one don’t know, It’s a Sunnah to recite Sura Kafirun in the first Rakah of Sunnah prayer at Fajr and Maghrib while Al-Ikhlas is in the second Rakah)
Did you not ever think why Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa Sallam taught you to recite this in the morning and afternoon every day?
So that you remind yourself day and night to Reject that which the Kuffar worship!

But you only know this Sura talks about the idol worship of the Quraish, right?
Isn’t that you got by reading a Tafseer? 
Isn’t that what you were taught?
Isn’t that how you find no relation of this Sura with you today?
Therefore, you have no idea how you are worshiping the things today that which Kuffar worship. 
Rather, when it comes to Sura Al-Kafirun, you only know ‘Lakum Deenukum Waliya Deen’, don’t you?
May Allah guide you O Muslims. 

And the necessity of Critical Reasoning:

This Sura and these Ayat prove the necessity of Critical Reasoning of each and every Ayah of the Qur’an.
At the same time, these Ayat tell you, why you should not read any Tafseer of an Ayah to begin with.
You need to contemplate on an Ayah on its own words, on its own merit by yourself first.
Do your own Critical Reasoning and only then you read the Tafseer to know more about the Ayah.

Why do I say this?
See, if you read the Tafsir without you contemplating on the Ayah first, you would never be able to identify your relation with this Ayah today.
Don’t you believe that the Quran is for all time?
It didn’t reveal just only for the cause it reveal for but to find its use in all the time to come until the day Allah Ta’ala lifts the Quran.

So when you go to Tafsir first, what do you find?
It was revealed about the idol worshippers.
And you are done knowing this.
You get no benefit today reading these Ayat, only because you know the background of this Sura.
You think the Sura revealed about the Quraish, the Ayat say about the idol worship only.
And you keep following all the other idols of the Kuffar’s of today.

And that’s why it is important that you reflect, contemplate on the TEXT of an Ayah as it is.
And that’s how it is important that you do Critical Reasoning of an Ayah as it is.
You don’t need to read the Tafseer first.
You don’t need to know why an Ayah is revealed to reflect on it in order for you to derive a benefit.
But only when necessary beyond the understanding of the Ayah itself then you go to check the reason of revelation, the background and what not and derive more benefit from the Ayah.

And Allah knows best.
May Allah guide you, O Muslims.
May Allah give you and me proper understanding of the Quran.

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